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Maulana Mulayam New Messiah

Updated: April 20, 2013 5:35 pm

The SP Supremo Mulayam Singh’s praise for Rathyatri Advani has raised many political eyebrows. “Advaniji kabhi jhooth nahi bolte, Advanji bahut imandar admi hain,” said the Pehelwan, that too after he had been personally admonished by the BJP big weight for the deteriorating law and order situation in UP. His brother Ram Gopal Yadav eulogised Vajpayee and asked his partymen to pick up his deeds as a role model. This new-found love for the BJP, whom Mulayam has been bashing for the last quarter of the century, is due to the reason that it may need BJP backing for being the PM in the Third Front in case a clear consensus is not there.

Mulayam has now clearly sent the message to his workers that the Congress is Enemy No 1. Party insiders in the BJP are of the opinion that Mulayam may back hardliner Advani to keep “communal” Modi out. The grounds for an embrace are being clearly laid out. Strange are the ways of Indian politics!

Dilip Ray Joining BJD!

According to local BJP bigwigs , Dilip Ray has remained in high posts in the Odisha’s leadership due to the fact that the hotelier has always played a willing host to visitors from the centre. The hotelier with his successful Mayfair Chain was hardly ever seen or heard in all these years. He was a misfit in the saffron party, and never associated himself in any activity ever since he was inducted.

It seems Ray has moved to get his act going. He is now camping in Rourkela for fifteen days a month and trying to pick up the loose ends that he had given up since 1995. He is meeting groups as diverse as the Laughing Club to the Local Gurudrawa Committees.

Ray has jumped on the bandwagon keeping in mind the chaotic situation of the BJD in Rourkela.The incumbent Sarada Nayak is in the bad books of Naveen Patnaik, and the ongoing faction-ridden BJD is a house divided. However, the fallout of Ray’s comeback is that neither Jual Oram nor the local party workers are happy about it. Ray is known for making his own small team of trusted lieutenants, and does not involve party men of rank and file. It is also rumoured that he was not keen to take up any party post in the BJP as he has been trying to rebuild his bridges with Naveen Patnaik for the last couple of years. It will not be a surprise if he jumps ship and gets a BJD ticket in the next elections.


The BJP’S Punjabi Tadka


A careful analysis of Rajnath Singh’s new team will throw out the fact that Punjab has been favoured with the maximum representation. More than twelve leaders have made it to the party’s national body. These faces are either from Punjab or have the Punjab connection.

Navjot Singh Sidhhu has been dropped from the new team due to his close proximity to ex-boss Gadkari. However, he has made it to the national executive. Three permanent invitees and two special invitees have been included. Even Former Cabinet Minister Lakshmi Kant Chawla, who has announced her retirement from politics, was cajoled into accepting the post of National Vice President. While this has gladdened the heart of the state BJP, it said that Badal is not very happy with the party’s central leadership’s new love showered on his state. He is reading between the lines. Quite a few of the BJP ministers give Badal a run for his money, and equations are fast changing in the coalition.

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