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Updated: March 7, 2017 12:55 pm

Marigold flowers needs no introduction. It is a pleasant sight to see these beautiful flowers adorn our houses, pendals, vehicles and other places during festivals and on special functions.

But, you may be surprised to know that a particular species of  these flowers, Calendula Officinalis (Pot marigold) have immense health benefits and have been used as herbal ointments, teas, tinctures and topical treatments from times immemorial.

Health benefits

  • The attractive colours of these flowers attribute to a chemical called carotenoids in them. These carotenoids strengthen

your immune system and protect from dangerous diseases like cancer.

  • Marigold contain lot of vitamin C, a powerful anti-oxidant which help to prevent cardio vascular disease, cancer and stroke.
  • The oil obtained from marigold contains anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-biotic properties. The reason why it is used to treat many ailments including sore eye to piles and get wonderful results.
  • These oils have anti-genotoxic property. Genotoxicity is the property of chemical agents that damages the genetic information within a cell causing mutations which may lead to cancer. The medicines made of marigold gives protection from such damages.
  • Marigold oil keeps your skin smooth and shiny and heals the bruised part of the skin and help in replacing the damaged skin cells with in no time. It improves the blood circulation in damaged cells and keeps the skin moist. When the skin gets cut, burnt, bitten by poisonous insects or damaged due to skin ailment, applying this marigold oil or ointment proves to be beneficial.
  • Marigold tea is full of anti-oxidants that prevent many diseases and prevent DNA damage. Because of these benefits people advocate drinking of marigold tea.
  • Marigold flower tea gets rid of free radicals thus slowing the process of aging. It can also deal withsore throat cramps and fever.
  • This tea helps to heal gastric ulcers and other irritations of GI tract. Marigold contains calendic acid which is a powerful healing agent for GI tract.
  • It has been found that calendula drops can lower inner ear swelling and inflammation in just a couple of days of use, even without the use of anti-biotic in some cases.
  • Marigold are full of flavonoids that keep us protected from disease. Rubbing marigold flower on insect sting will make the pain and swelling disappear.
  • Flowers can be boiled to make yellow food colouring. Even dry marigold flowers are used in place of saffron in cooking.
  • Even the leaves, seeds and the stems of this plant are used in cosmetic and medicines.
  • Marigold are planted around the fields to protect the crop from insects and pests.
  • Keep the harmful pesticides away and grow marigold in and around your houses. Marigolds contain Pyrethrum an ingredient found in many insect repellents. They have a unique aroma which bugs find repulsive. Keep these flower pots in front of your house and mosquitoes may not cross over them.
  • The vibrant natural colours of these flowers are used for dying the clothes.

by Nibhanapudi  Suguna

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