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Maoists deadlier than before

Updated: January 24, 2019 3:50 pm

The Home Minister claims that Maoist terror is on decline. Statistically that may be the indication, but in reality Maoist terror, its reach and influence has hardly waned. The Maoist method of terror is getting increasingly sophisticated. The Maoist-Church-Jihadi alliance against India has transcended to constitutional realms to include electoral politics and judiciary. The surrogates may be in Pakistan, China and even Europe or West as such, but tragically the midwives are Indians.

Two developments are testimony, i.e. the elections in Chhattisgarh and the assault on Sabrimala Shrine by two ultra-left women rooted in the philosophy of Left Wing Extremism (LWE). In Chattisgarh, democracy has been manipulated and in the other judicial pronouncement has been used as a cloak for shredding the tradition and faith of the majority community.

The Maoists have rather reinvented themselves under the current dispensation. It could be argued that Lutyens media and urban Maoists, which acted as the force-multiplier for terrorists, are in some disarray. Most of these elements have however opened new shops, and buyers are down but far from out. Their financial support and sustenance evidences their deep roots. Some of them are like cornered cats ready to strike at the neck at the first given opportunity. They have the assured support of the Jihadis, the Church, the Maoists, China, Pakistan, and of course subverted and anti-national political parties bolstered by foreign support and agenda.

The use of vectors like   Jihad and Maoism or Jihadis and Maoists for political ends was unequivocally established from the details pertaining to the plot behind the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. It was clear that the objective was to create ‘Hindu Terror’ and banish the nationalist political and social outfits, with the intention to sweep 2009 elections. The person who was the architect of this attack in collusion with Pakistan, and had released the book ‘26/11 RSS Ki Sazish’ is now back in political reckoning in the state of Madhya Pradesh, post elections.

Recently, a judicial verdict unambiguously declared that the Sohrabuddin encounter case was fabricated for political purposes. When such ploys did not succeed in political and judicial murder of the Prime Minister, the Jihadi elements across the border were leveraged to assassinate him during a rally in Gandhi Maidan in Patna in 2013. The motivations of the Maoist-Church- Jihadi combine remains as vicious.

Some years ago, in 2013 a  new political party with known Pakistani links was in the electoral reckoning in Delhi. Indeed, for benefit of Jihadis, the party’s leader had questioned the veracity of Batla House encounter, and later to insulate Pakistani dispensation from its people questioned the surgical strike by India across the LoC.

On the very day polling had taken place, this author met an Amnesty International functionary, who was specially fielded by the organization to plan the elections. The functionary precisely forecasted that the party would bag 27 seats. He was bang on. He added that if the PM had not aggressively campaigned in the closing period, the tally would have gone to 42. He said that various externally funded NGOs had put their resources and act together to foist this party in the national capital.

The patrons of these forces are just not the left parties and China, but the Church and the Pakistani jihadi organizations as well.

What was the National Advisory Council (NAC) about? It was the de facto headquarters of the Maoists, supervised by a de facto executive head of the country. For that head, the party is purely a vehicle to power and camouflage for sleaze, loot and terror politics. The old party ethos, the patriotic politicians, the nationalist culture has been killed by the same Maoist elements within the party. Therefore in 2013, Mahendra Karma, a Congress leader was eliminated in an ambush by the Maoists in Darbha Valley in Chhattisgarh. So was VC Shukla. So was Mudliar. And so was Nand Kumar Patel. Their failing was that they represented political mainstream and wedded to the traditional party ideals. They posed political threat to the Maoist constituency. They were seen as obstacles to Maoist growth and Maoist economy that feeds their masters in Lutyens Delhi. They were also obstacles to the activities of the Church and its links to the Maoists.

Who survived, but one Mr. Kawasi Lakhma. His own party people questioned his role. 30 people were killed in the ambush. The car in which Mr. Lakhma was travelling had two other occupants. They were pulled out by the Maoists and killed. In December 2017, an ex-CPI MLA from

Konta, Manish Kunjan, alleged in a press conference that one district member Kalmu Dhruva was murdered at the behest of Mr. Lakhma in November 2017. Mr. Lakhma conveniently labeled it as Maoist attack even though the Maoists, as is their practice, did not own responsibility. Kunjan had also alleged that the main conspirator in the Darbha Valley attack, wherein top Congress leadership was eliminated, was also conspired by Lakhma, a close associate of Ajit Jogi.

Mr. Lakhma had described his escape from Darbha Valley ambush as miracle. The question is who scripted this miracle? Was it scripted in Lutyens Delhi? Were the same forces involved that planted the poison Binayak Sen in to spread terror through white-collar means in Chhattisgarh? Were the same forces involved that were on overdrive when he was facing judicial trial? Were the same forces involved, which invited the European Commission members to watch his trial in Raipur? They probably felt that their white skin could intimidate the judges. Their plant and protégé in India ensured that the moment Binayak Sen was granted bail, he was appointed a member of the health committee of the then Planning Commission. The country was thus messaged about the real patrons of the Maoists.

Is it therefore surprising that Lakhma, who cannot read and write, has been appointed the Excise and Industry Minister of Chhattisgarh!!!

To the political conspirators, does it really matter that what impact it will have on Chhattisgarh or India as such. Money will flow upward to Lutyens Delhi. Money will flow to the urban Maoists. Maoism will thrive.

It may reiterated that the liberated zones in Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh contain huge deposits of corundum, tin, iron ore and columbite (most important mineral containing the rare element niobium and is its main ore). Some pockets contain rich radioactive minerals as well. Corundum is known for its gem varieties like ruby and sapphire, while columbite has superconductive properties and used in alloys to improve strength.

Mr. Anthony Loyd in the National Geography magazine in April 2015 writes that one Maoist comrade, Manas, when quizzed said that normally the Maoists do not obstruct or attack mineral surveys. Their attitude and decision is predicated on the question ‘What will be paid to the party as taxes?’ The author further says, “Revenue was critical to the Naxalites’ survival. Like any insurgency, theirs needed funds, and the potential levy on mining—alongside the protection rackets, kickbacks, and access to industrial explosives that came with it—far exceeded anything the Maoists’ annual tax on tendu leaves (used since the 17th century to roll cigarettes) or rice could come up with. When mines were attacked, it was often only because their owners had not paid the protection money or had held back giving the Naxalites a cut of the profits.”

Some of the world’s best quality iron ore is in Bailadila in Maoist infested Dantewada district as also in Kanker. Chhattisgarh has 28 varieties of minerals including diamonds, gold, iron ore and bauxite. It has 168 industries, i.e. steel (58), cement (14), chemical (34), plywood (10) and fabric (7) besides others.

This is the empire Lakhma presides over, directly and indirectly.

Through history Europeans have been eyeing for control this region through history. When Sardar Patel was the interim home minister, he stumbled on a file, which suggested of plans to make the ruler of the area to handover Bastar on lease in perpetuity to the Nizam of Hyderabad. The ruler was a minor and the prime minister of his state was a British. Sardar Patel met the ruler and was moved by his innocence. Sardar then realized the devious plans of the British to handover a fractured and disrobed India in 1947. This revelation to him was momentous. He decided that even at the cost of partition, India had to be consolidated without loss of time.

The person who helped the pro-Maoist forces to come to power by floating his own outfit in Chhattisgarh is known for his close links with the Church. He too like Lakhma was suspected for his role in murder of Mahendra Karma, VC Shukla and others.

Chhattisgarh borders six states, i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Telangana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is therefore the epicenter of the Maoism in India. Post the assembly elections in the state, the epicenter will regain its status as citadel of Maoist terror.

It is clear example of how totalitarian and murderous forces can manipulate the electoral

system. It is a result of this that in the aftermath there has been an attack in Aurangabad in Bihar in the closing day of 2018. One Narendra Prasad Singh, uncle of one BJP MLC, was gunned down by the Maoists. The Maoists justified the killing on the plea that the slain individual owed Rupees five crores, which he was given in form of demonetized currency for exchange with new notes. Also, these Maoists blew up 11 vehicles, a community center and a carpenter’s house. The Maoists generate black-money, they oppose development, they terrorize the people and yet call themselves ‘revolutionaries’.

The Justice Arijit Parsyat Committee has commented that the Maoists are the biggest generators of black-money in India.

The Congress leader Raj Babbar in an election rally in Chhattisgarh bestowed upon the Maoists the epithet of ‘revolutionaries’. This was not incidental. This politician is a part of the Lutyens Delhi coterie. In a way, by calling the Maoists revolutionaries, he absolved rather honored the killers of Mahendra Karma, VC Shukla and others. It could not have been without direction from the top.

The political party that the said politician belongs to has two camps, i.e. the Church – Maoists – Lutyen camp and the Desi (indigenous) camp for at grassroots level for politically innocent Indians. The Lutyens camp knows that they cannot achieve power through normal democratic methods, hence it relies increasingly on the jihadi – Maoist – Church route.

Meanwhile, in Kerala two women of ultra-leftist orientation, perfect faces of urban naxalism, who decry all religious practices and symbols were facilitated or arguably crusaded inside the Sabrimala Shrine by their political masters. They were not motivated by devotion, but had gone to stamp upon the deity their political ideology.This indeed was brazen attack on religion by the ultra-leftist. It was a ‘Blue Star’ of Maoist variety.

Will the Marxist Chief Minister of Kerala gather the courage to decry the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang province. They are neither allowed to sport beard nor don burqas, nor carry the name of Mohammad.

The Maoist women killers of Mahendra Karma, were captured on the camera performing the dance of death around his blood drenched body. He was killed because he represented the democratic face of India. Similarly the two women, avowed atheists, are inimical to the religious and spiritual traditions of India.

The former Minister of Statefor home, Mr RPN Singh, had few years ago, informed the Lok Sabha that one-third Maoists attacks were led by women. In Sabrimala too women nurtured in violent ideology took the lead?

If the same elements can raise slogans of ‘Bharat tere tukre honge’ in the national capital, they can very-well raise the same slogan against the deity in Sabrimala.

The Maoists have reclaimed the epicenter in the heart of India

and shaken the foundation of the belief system of the majority community in Kerala. Kerala is the southern outpost of India and is already smoldering with different types of ideologies feeding on terrorism. The Popular Front of India (PFI) is one such outfit. Kerala has the dubious credit of contributing the highest number of jihadis to the ISIS. The scenario is going to get murkier and more dangerous. Will the dispensation take notice?

By RSN Singh

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