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Manipur Sends Smriti Cold

Updated: February 18, 2012 11:33 am

In states where the Assembly fight is well pitched, the BJP is driving streets ahead with its sincere endeavours promising a better tomorrow but Manipur makes no milestone for the party. That is why there was almost no demand for national leaders of star campaigners in the state. However, the party sent its one time dream girl image Hema Malini to Manipur to raise the temperature. This Mumbai cine star has a great fan following in Manipur too that was seen in the form of a massive rally. Spurred on by the success of this rally spearheaded by Hema Malini, the BJP thought of fielding yet another known face Smriti Irani. But the stark realty is that in Manipur the extremist outfits have banned all Hindi TV Channels. Therefore the people are not familiar with this famous TV star Smriti Irani. This was well proved by the flop rally there. Smriti Irani was seen fuming and mad at the organisers not aware of the fact that her demand was a cipher in the state.

Congress Plays ‘No Rushdie’

Jaipur Literature Festival remained in the news for one chief reason that hit the headlines. It was Salman Rushdie   whom our politicians raced ahead to portray him as a hero. There is no denying that his contribution to the English literary world is tremendous. A big NO to his coming and attending the fest proved that the Indian government knelt down before the communal forces. The Congress party played its card up its sleeve to woo the Muslim voters in Uttar Pradesh by giving protesters a chance to carry out the rallies against Salman. But what about the BJP? It’s noteworthy that the BJP’s minority cell of Rajasthan that showed the BJP in a poor light. At first, Amin Pathan, president of the Minority Cell, Rajasthan, BJP, addressed the press conference opposing the coming of Rushdie and later the other minority organisations also jumped on the bandwagon.

Pitroda Preaches In Up

In UP, it appears to be a tug-of-war ahead of the Assembly elections. Both the Congress and the BJP are busy leaving no stone unturned to pull their winning seats up in the state. Both the parties have showcased their manifestos with sweet and tall promises to the voters of the state. But this seems to be nothing but a clean eyewash confined to papers only. For the preparation and release of their manifestos both the parties relied on persons who have no concern with the state or with its ground politics. Congress has fielded Sam Pitroda for the release of its ‘Vision Document’. BJP took Sudheendra Kulkarni to draft its manifesto. Both Sam Pitroda and Sudheendra Kulkarni are outsiders and new faces to UP and above all they are blind to the day-to-day politics.


What pleases the political parties in these elections are the Muslim voters. Every single contestant is trying to woo them. Newly appointed Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh and his RLD (Rashtriya Lok Dal) are no different. Keeping the strategy in mind, he brought the support of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Chairmen of United Democratic Front (UDF), Assam. It is more surprising as UDF has no base in UP. As per the sources, Singh has accepted his support for one single reason that there are a good number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in UP under the influence of Badruddin. Singh, with the support of these Muslims of UDF, thinks that this decisive step may turn the electoral equation in Uttar Pradesh.

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