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Mango Ginger

Updated: January 11, 2017 11:53 am

Mango ginger is usually found in the markets before the onset of rains. It is the gift of nature that it gives us herbs and medicinal plants that are required for the season to keep our immunity strong and protect ourselves from the seasonal ailments.  We get gooseberry in winter to protect from common cold and build immunity. Same way we get mint in summers to keep ourselves free from heat stroke etc. During monsoon we get mango ginger to protect ourselves from water contamination and other seasonal ailments. Let us know about its benefits.

Mango ginger as the name goes looks like ginger and has the flavour of mango.  Its scientific nam e is Curcuma amada.It is basically used as a spice and for pickling.  On regular use people have found relief from many ailments and further research confirmed its many therapeutic properties. Ayurveda has been using Mango ginger to curemany ailments.

It has been found that mango ginger contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Various phytochemicals and bioactive constituents were reported in mango ginger rhizome.  They were effective for various biological activities such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory anti-microbial, anti-depressant, anti-tubercular and platelet aggregation inhibitory roles.


  •  The medicinal properties of mango ginger rhizome does not show any significant change upon cooking, pickling or eating fresh just like in gooseberry.
  •  Mango ginger being a powerful anti-microbial and anti-oxidant, it is beneficial in treating skin issues.  It helps to detoxify the body and improves skin complexion.
  •  Mango ginger paste applied with milk helps prevent pimples.  It improves your complexion if applied to your face.
  •  Rhizome paste is applied on sprains and skin diseases and the solution is used for healing wounds, cuts and itching as it has anti- allergic properties.  To help relieve itching add two spoons of mango ginger paste to little coconut oil and apply on the irritated area of the skin.  You can also add two spoons of mango ginger paste to a cup of milk, boil and then drink after cooling.
  •  Eating mango ginger is useful in digestive complaints.  It can enhance digestion, gives relief from abdominal gases, promotes appetite and improves digestive strength.
  •  It is expectorant like ginger and gives relief from cough and cold.  Rhizomes decoction with common salt is an effective remedy for common cold and cough. A whole mango ginger with crushed long peppers is said to be a very effective treatment for piles.
  •  Mango ginger being anti-inflammatory is also usefulin treating inflammations due to injury, liver inflammation, arthritis and rheumatism. Boil drumstick tree bark in water, when the water gets evaporated collect the residue.  Add this paste to mango ginger powder and black pepper powder mix all these together and apply on the joints to relieve pain.
  •  Topical use of native extract of mango ginger leaves for contusions and sprains are also reported by a study.
  • According to a scientificstudy mango ginger exhibits decrease in liver total lipids and serum triglycerides.

Mango ginger is used in various cosmetic and skin care products.  Mango ginger for its unique flavour and taste is used as basic ingredient in many pickles, sauces, curries, candies and salads. Do try next time when you find it in the market.

by Nibhanapudi Suguna     

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