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A Man of Mission and the Bizarre RaGa

Updated: November 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Once again Gujarat and Modi has become talk of the town with the announcement of the assembly elections. It has become a habit of the Modi baiters to bring up non-issues to the fore, in a bid to stop the tsunami named Narendra Modi. But after BJP’s spectacular performance in Uttar Pradesh, the critics of Modi are treading a cautious path and are routinely changing their strategy as to how to counter Modi-style of politics and governance. Here one can specially observe the counter strategy of crown-prince and vice president of Congress Rahul Gandhi. RaGa is more optimistic and rowdy in Gujarat as he has temporary shelter of few self-styled leaders whose sole survival depends upon caste based politics. RaGa’s advisors are trying to touch the emotive issues that are close to the hearts of a section of Gujarati people. On the anniversary of demonetisation on 8 November this year, Rahul chose to earn brownie points in the heart of the Gujarat’s business capital Surat, where he met some industry people who are opposed to the introduction of GST. Without investing anything the Congress is trying to defame and demolish the clean image of Narendra Modi and his government’s strident economic measures like Demonetisation and GST. And also the Congress is trying to take the benefit of the agitation of the Patidar community for getting more reservations.

The moot point here is whether Congress has really any valid point to attack Modi to attract the dedicated  Modi-voters? The answer is a big No. I was in Gujarat recently to understand the mood of people from different section. I went to cities like Surat, Rajkot and Gandhi Nagar just to read the mind of Gujarati people. I spoke to many business class people, common man, traders, farmers and government servants. Of course, people are little bit annoyed with the government for enacting GST and they all are of the view that GST is not bad, it should be simplified and it needs changes. When I asked a textile owner in Surat to know his bitterness against the GST, he candidly admitted that: Yes traders and textile industry are facing problems, but it could be sorted out. When I asked him do you mean that the issue of Demonetisation and the GST would force them to vote against the BJP in Gujrat? Then all the industry people assembled there told me that: “It would be very harsh decision for all of us to vote against Narendra Bhai as it was Narendra Bhai who had been instrumental in providing a conducive environment in Gujarat for the industries to grow.” They all added that, be it pharmaceutical industry, agro-based industry, bio-technology or textile industry, it was Narendra Bhai who had created a big infrastructure and connected the industry of Gujarat with the international business corridor. In Dacur near Anand, when I asked some farmers about their reactions on whom they would prefer to support in this election, then they were of the opinion that they would unflinchly support Narendra Bhai. After interacting with different class of people from different areas, I ascertained that people are little unhappy with the BJP government in Gujarat after Modi became Prime Minister. Some internal bickering among the BJP leaders is also well exposed in media.

Rumours are going around that there is some difference between former Chief Minister Anandiben Patel and BJP chief Amit Shah. But these issues are not making much noise in the elections. People are going to compare between their most favourite and loveable leader Narendra Bhai versus others.

Despite all kind of attempts Rahul Gandhi is still not successful in creating an environment against Modi who has a clean image in Gujarat and all over the country and Modi has nurtured a culture of good governance in the country. Succinctly put, there is no second thought about it.

In Delhi, a huge discussion in the media is going about large gatherings present in the meetings of the Hardik Patel and Rahul Gandhi. We have seen in the past that large gatherings in the political meetings, does not suggest that they all would vote for them. It has become a normal practice in todays time that political parties are spending too much, just to gather crowds. So, one should not count the numbers in political gatherings to determine the electoral performance. As per my view, I think that even after BJP ruling the state of Gujarat for long 22 years, Narendra Modi still enjoys the confidence of the common Gujarati voters. Indian voters have matured now, so, they easily gauge the difference between a performing Modi and NPA (non-performing asset like RaGa. The chant of Modi, Modi, Modi reverberates through the mind of the common votert whenever a election is announced in any state. They believe in one thing only that India needs a great visionary like NaMo.

Deepak Kumar Rath




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