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Maestro of Odishi Dance

Updated: May 8, 2010 12:33 pm

An eminent Indian classical dancer, she is the luminosity of Odishi dance form. Besides, she has that sizzling “X” factor, which necessitates her to be the brand ambassador of Odishi dance. Well, we are talking about the great Indian Odishi dancer Geeta Mahalik, who has committed herself to the Odishi dancing. Disciple of the late Guru Dev Prasad Das and Guru Mayadhar Raut, Mahalik has performed extensively in India and abroad and thus made an incredible contribution in bringing a smile on the faces of millions of people through her awe-struck performances. “I take immense pride in representing my country. It enables me to let other people have a flavour of Indian-ness. People out there are very curious to dig into the depth of the background of Indian cultural heritage”, she says meekly.

            Known for her mastery in abhinaya, Mahalik points out: “At present I am not learning from anyone. I feel there comes a time in the life of an artist when the artist should do something on her/his own, for instance a child learns how to walk by holding his father’s finger, but one day she/he has to walk on her/his own and the father teaches her/him for the same.”

            Conferred with several prestigious awards for her mesmerising dance including the Senior Fellowship in Odishi dance. Her brilliance is substantiated by the fact she has also been inducted into the expert committee of the Ministry of Culture for Odishi dance.

            Soft, subtle and soothing—Mahalik’s act brings alive the sculptures grandeur of a form, endowed with endless charms. Apart from dancing, she runs a school called Upasna, where she passes her talents on to the upcoming dancers. She is a multifaceted personality, who is called by different names, such as a dancer, philosopher, social reformer, thinker, choreographer and teacher.

            The danseur, who loves to perform on the divine love tales of Radha and Krishna themes from Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam, reveals: “In the age of 12, I gave my first performance and thereafter I never looked back. When I was in Varanasi I lived the life of self-abnegation very strictly and engrossed myself completely in learning dance.”

            Reminiscing her experience after the experience she went through after her second performance in Vrindavan on Radha and Krishna, she said in a lost voice: “After my performance people came to me and touched my feet and said you are Goddess Radha. That’s the moment I could never forget. The essence of Odishi lies in its sculpturesque quality; most of its beautiful poses bear close resemblance with the sculptures of the famous temples, which once nourished the art. Odishi dance is the most beautiful, gracious and lyrical dance, which makes one flow with the beat.”

            Living with her husband and two daughters, the lady has proved herself as the perfect home minister to her house and an active promoter of Odishi dance around the globe. Whenever she feels low, she sits alone in dark and listen music, which soothes her melanchony. Mahalik is soon going to perform for SPIC MACAY in Haryana.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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