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By Rakesh Kumar
Updated: December 6, 2022 9:21 am

Love jihad is not new! History of 1400 years of invasion has more gory incidents. Western journalists detected it as early as 2015. The pity is that we did not learn our lessons. Rape and murders of Kashmiri pandit women is a glaring example, “SC refuses plea to probe mass murder of Kashmiri Pandits PTI / Updated: JulY 24, 2017. SC said that almost 27 years have passed and it will be very difficult to gather evidence.” The nation did not ask a simple question. What happened to the power of Suo moto under Article-32 and Article-226 of the Indian Constitution which warrants the Supreme Court and High Courts to take up matters on its own? Why did the judiciary fail to take note of the largest mass exodus of post-independence India? Why Kashmiri women have to forgo justice because the nation, including judiciary, was sleeping.This is the root problem! The article makes an attempt to highlight major problem issues and the solution thereof.

The problem

Jihadis are always alert, exploiting weak points. They are quick to form strategies, while Hindus are still complacent. As a result, Hindus win more but their wins are small and unsustainable while the defeats are big and permanent. Despite winning two wars with Pakistan, we relinquished all gains without getting 300 plus prisoners of war or Pak-occupied Kashmir.

From the time of Prithviraj Chauhan, there had been no plan to sustain the gains made in war. Post-independence also we have lost land twice in 1948 and 1962. Until we learn lessons from our scriptures, there will be no respite. Candle March, social media cries and special issues of magazines will bring no change. It needs a long-term response.  Reacting is no option. Reaction is a weak strategy as it is controlled by, and depends upon, what it is we are reacting against? Today we are reacting to love jihad, in few months, we will be reacting to land-jihad as well. The tragedy today is that the Hindus who find fault with Ram and Yudhishthir; do nothing against the luring, insulting or killing of Hindu girls. 1400 years of invasions, loot and kidnapping and killings have made us defensive and meek.

Rituals which came to protect from invaders have now become a liability Our rituals have become self-defeating. Child marriages, dowry, baraat procession, the groom riding a mare to the bride’s house, performing marriage in the night are the ones we created to avoid abduction of brides by ruling invaders of that time and should have been dropped post-independence. Wearing of western clothes or sherwani, paying photographers, event managers more than the pandits, pre-marriage shoots, English bands and DJ, play on our emotions to look modern. All these money draining rituals make our girls feel ignored, unwanted and weak! As a result, they fall for less educated, exploitative unemployed but ever chasing males of different religions.

Reforms have given freedom without providing the skills to handle it Reforms have opened a new world for Hindu women. They are excelling in every area, yet all girls are not capable of achieving these admirable successes. The best choice would have been to go for an aptitude test and provide the best resources to those who have talent and allow others to go for earning skills and start a family. Reckless pursuit of top end careers has led to mushrooming of coaching institutes. These are exploiting incompetent aspirants. It’s a tragedy that a student ends up paying many times more fee to the coaching classes than the actual fee he or she would have paid if he/ she qualified the entrance exams. So many girls and boys are committing suicides! The disaffected students who are exhausted and not able to take the extreme steps are the low hanging fruit for the anti-national elements. The governments are sleeping. Former education minister tried to curb the menace of the coaching industry but she did not last long. If these coaching institutes are eliminated, mediocre children will be saved from this horrible pressure and the nation will be saved from these hunting hounds.


Dowry is another big issue. Highly qualified competent girls are deprived of a good match. More educated and successful they are, the more difficult it is to find a suitable match. Then comes a person who is showing respect (with or without fake ID) love and affection. Will it not make our girls vulnerable? Why should the leading economy of the world have this malpractice and why no social movement has challenged this evil?


A lot of hue and cry is made when inter-caste marriage takes place. Khap panchayats act brutally. But when kings married their daughters to invaders of other religions that too without any love. This double standard not only divides the society but also provides an ideal incentive to the hounding wolves. All Hindu organisations including the RSS and VHP support intercaste marriages amongst Hindus. There is no birth-based caste system in Hinduism, but a role-based Varna Vyavastha in the Vedas. It is high time to permanently end the menace of ‘caste system’ being practiced by some so called ‘Hindus’.


Their all-out violent protest on every issue happening within India or outside, has made the court conscious. Courts have allowed marriage of Muslim girls below 18 years of age, hijab and what not, either referring to sharia or Other non-constitutional issues. All reforms are focused only on Hindus. When the matter pertains to Islam, it takes 40 years to get rid of triple talaq and that too on paper.


Cinema has changed every incident to project Islam in good spirit and projecting Pujari’s in bad or in the role of villain. They have a reason to do so. Filmmaking is a capital-intensive business and they cannot take the risk of losing it. Hence ‘Veer Zara’, ‘Ektha tiger’, ‘Haidar’, ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, etc. have been silently promoting it. Our films show army saving terrorists. Soldier abdicating duty to get his love despite being an anti-India spy. The question is how do these movies get clearance from the censor board?


Similarly, media houses also play safe, they incite debates which divide the society. A participant is hounded with ‘sar tan se juda‘. But no cognisance is given to the anchor. In criminal cases where the maulavi or pastor is involved, using the word priest is a norm as if the criminal is a Hindu. Bajrangbali can be called Bhai Jaan, Ram can be called imam. But not the other way round. Everybody is scared to write the truth. All the above factors mislead the Hindu girls to believe that all other religions are the same or better. It is bravery to marry in other religions. When reality dawns it’s too late.Mahanta, Shankaracharya, religious preachers or modern gurus

Despite minting money and having millions of followers they are of no use to ordinary poor Hindus, not a single person stood with Ashokan in Hadia case. In order to run their shops well, they not only keep quiet, making their followers suffer. This may help them in remaining safe but it is killing the golden goose called Hindu followers.

AkhilaAshokan case

If you are not able to recognise this case, then think of the Hadiya case! This is the tragedy. In a case where whole nation was agitated, where even high court said that it is a love jihad case, we have comfortably forgotten the Hindu name. A poor father fought and won up to high court which declared it a love jihad case. The case went to the Supreme Court. International media blamed Modi government, Rahul Bhatia wrote on December 31, 2017 in ‘The New Yorker’: “Days after the High Court ordered Hadiya to return to her parents’ home, Jahan ( another name given to Akhila) contacted a young Supreme Court lawyer named HarisBeeran, and asked him to appeal the ruling. The case excited Beeran. “I thought it would be a challenge, judicially,” he told me. Navigating India’s justice system is its own unique brand of punishment, and for months, while Hadiya stayed with her parents, Jahan’s case wound through its endless plumbing.”

The same article did not spare high court even, “It was during this year of the almost cheerful dismantling of law and order that the story of Hadiya became the soap opera we all watched.” The investigation made by the National investigation agency ( NIA) under the orders of the court  submitted to the Supreme Court tells a different story.

“In a status report to the Supreme Court last year, it said that the agency had evidence that Hadiya was brainwashed by the couple who met her at SathyaSarani, a religious institution affiliated to the Popular Front of India (PFI) in Malappuram district of Kerala and they found evidence of allurement but this aspect was not given cognizance.

A PFI press release further said: “PFI had paid Rs 93,85,000 as lawyer fees, including to the four seniors– KapilSibal, Dushyant Dave, Indira Jaising and MarzookBafaki, who had appeared in SC for Jahan.” The so called selfless Harris Beeran quoted by the New Yorker above was also  paid lavishly. “The PFI also spent Rs 5,17,324 as travel expenses and Rs 50,000 to the office of HarisBeeran for work related to documentation”, said the statement.

The author is not worried about what jihadis do. The worry is what nationalists do? A poor Hindu father was left alone, financially ruined, reputation destroyed for attempting to save his child. The money power has projected Ravan as Ram and Ram as Ravan but nobody asked the New Yorker to publish the rejoinder accepting wrong reporting.

PFI succeeded in legitimising all marriages solemnised through luring or using fake ids. PFI was banned for anti-national activities but they have achieved much of their plan titled ‘India 2047’ Major charges leveled in the above notification are as grave as: Have the potential of disturbing public peace and communal harmony and supporting militancy.

International linkages with global terrorist groups like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Have been working covertly to increase radicalisation of one community. Is involved in several criminal and terror cases and shows sheer disrespect towards the constitutional authority of the country.

Criminal violent acts carried out by PFI include chopping- off limb of a college professor, cold blooded killings of persons associated with organisations espousing other faiths. Obtaining explosives to target prominent people and places and destruction of public property. Raising funds… then transferring, layering and integrating these funds through multiple accounts to project them as legitimate and eventually using these funds to carry out various criminal, unlawful and terrorist activities in India.” The jihadis supported by their international masters, have identified areas where they can take advantage of constitutional lacunae or the law abiding soft Hindus. A few of these are attacking cultural practices including festivals, filing PILs to challenge existing worship practices, to seek commercial benefits in Hindu religious place, hitting business interests of Hindus in pilgrimages. Dwarka is the latest while Amarnath and Vaishno Devi have been captured long back. It is a guerilla war going on. Luring Hindu girls is a humiliating tool being used.

ISI once planned to bleed India with thousand cuts, now jihadis are pursuing it. From Kashmir to Kerala and from West Bengal to western UP, it is the same story. The only silver line is that the Uttar Pradesh government has shown that this menace is controllable.

From ShaniShingnapur to Sabarimala, from love marriage with false identity to killing of these girls. Blocking Hindu religious yatras, capturing of roads and parks far away from their residence for performing namaz, making mazar on a newly constructed flyover, nothing is left to chance. Even nationalist Muslims are not spared. From filing PIL to managing media, they are fully prepared!

The author has written in another article that investigations are slow, collecting evidence is time consuming. In the meantime, the damage is done. It was SIMI in the last decade, PFI now and some other nefarious NGOs must be working now as well. The Love Jihad is a symptom but the real challenge India faces is that  of destructive forces exploiting freedom given to minorities. Time has come to consider whether a community which represents a double-digit percentage be called a second largest majority or a minority?


Our scriptures do provide a viable solution. The core issue in both Ramayana and Mahabharata is- The Violation of modesty of a single woman! Important point here is that the aggrieved women were neither raped nor killed. Yet the heroes did not allow it to pass by! Compare this with present day Hindu arguments used against victim women: “She did not listen! She was arrogant! She is responsible for her mistakes! Present day girls are too outgoing! They wear offensive cloths”, etc.

The hero of Ramayana, the MaryadaPurushottam Ram had all the reasons to blame Devi Seeta for demanding golden deer, not obeying, and sending Lakshman away! crossing the LakshmanRekha! Ram focused on one issue, how Ravan dared to abduct Seeta? Defeating him and releasing Seeta was the only goal, and two brothers achieved the impossible!

In Mahabharat nobody questioned any act of Draupadi; it simply focused on how dare Dushshasana tried to play with the modesty of Draupadi? Even Chanakya who is blamed to be harsh on women has said: ”one must protect women even if it means losing the wealth earned”.

Nationalist NGOs and citizens

To control this endemic chaos, good citizens and the nationalist NGOs have to fight it at grass root level. creating awareness and reporting each and every incidence is the first step. Till now crying foul is the best solution, “Sarkar kyakarrahihai“? (What is the government doing?)

Nupur Sharma case

In the case of Nupur Sharma controversy, the Organizer reported, “All traders, vendors sitting idle in Ajmer after Dargah clerics declare bounty on Nupur Sharma; Loss of Rs 50 crore estimated”. The nationalists should continue the trend.

‘In the skin of jihadis’ book

This love jihad model has been propagated by ISIS. A French journalist has worked undercover to expose this model. Her riveting reports tells us, how today’s ruthless terrorist organisations are using social media and technology to trap disaffected youth. This is a true undercover investigation that led the author in deep involvement with an important member of ISIS. The sad part is that Indian media is denying a fact which has been published as a book by HarperCollins Publishers in 2015. This should be explained to our young generation.


Three major Hindu reformers who revived Hinduism are AdiShankaracharya, Dayananda and Vivekananda. None of these promoted any hatred towards any community. Their success lies in reviving Santana practices. All three used debate (shastrarth) to awaken the sleeping Hindu conscience. The author does not find any merit in reacting. Islam and Christianity believe in spreading their religion through conversion. Hindus are at disadvantage due to the state controlling major temples and nationalist NGOs not having focus. It is high time the government should stop controlling temples and allow these to take up the cause of promoting Hinduism.Being knowledgeable is the first step. Eliminating above mentioned social evils is second. Having rational expectations from children, engaging in community services with family (it may need giving up a little on money matters as well), being sensitive to anti-national activities like love jihad, land jihad or any new version to be launched, reporting and protesting against it, are the long-term solutions. Love jihad is a reminder that freedom is not permanent, and India has to be on toes to guard its freedom.


By Rakesh Kumar

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