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Look Beautiful—Naturally

Updated: February 12, 2011 12:31 pm

A Beautiful and glowing skin is always admired by everybody and is very pleasing to look at. Our skin is one of the sensitive organs of our body and needs some extra care during the winter months. The cold and windy weather makes the skin chapped and crusty. Especially the face, hands and feet are affected very badly. While taking proper care of our skin, it is necessary to take proper nutritional intake to rejuvenate the skin. It is said that our skin is the reflection of what we eat. That is why we should adopt a healthy diet. It is important to include fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. We should always choose foods that are rich in vitamins and natural anti-oxidants for optimal skin renewal and repair. At the same time avoid fried foods and animal fats.

                Mothers and grandmother taught us since childhood to massage our body with oil and apply the paste of turmeric, basin and cream or milk. This method protected our skin from all the vagaries of the weather. These products were available in our own kitchen and were never bought from outside in attractive containers with attractive labels on them. But now changing city life with mothers working to make both ends meet or to lead a comfortable life have hardly any time to inculcate these habits in their children. They are squeezed out of all the energy and have no time to these home-made products. The pollution and dirt take toll on their skin. If they find little time they go to beauty parlors to get a facial done. But it is always good to hold onto the age old products and stay close to the nature.

                Few tips are given below that can be followed at home to enjoy soft, glowing skin by giving little time and saving a good amount of money as well.

■             Apply sesame oil or mustard oil to your body before taking bath. This will keep the body warm and protect the skin from being chapped.

■             Avoid excessive use of soaps. Use green gram powder instead of soaps.

■             Take 100 gm chana, 100 gm masoor dal, 50 gm haldi (turmeric), 50 gm triphala powder grind all these separately, strain the powder and store in a bottle. Before taking bath add little milk to three spoons of powder and apply to your body and then take bath.

■             Take wax of honey comb and melt it on a very low flame, melted ghee, add little haldi (turmeric) and jayphal powder to this mixture and leave it aside to tighten and become like paste. Apply this to lips before going to bed at night. This will soften and protect the lips from cracking.

■             Take one spoon of curd to one spoon of honey mix it well and apply to your face, hands and back of your neck wait for 15 minutes and wash off. You will see the difference yourself.

■             Soak one spoon of fenugreek seeds in 1/2 cup of kheera (cucumber) juice overnight. Grind it to fine paste in the morning and add white chandan powder to it and apply to your skin and wash off after 15 minutes.

■             Apply the paste of avocado, banana and papaya on face, neck and hands and wash off after 15 minutes.

For the treatment of cracks in the feet:-

■             Haldi 10 gm, coconut oil 100 gm, aloe vera juice 100 gm, 20 gm guggal and 50 gm wax of honey comb (melt it on a very low flame as it may catch fire). Add all the ingredients and keep stirring on low flame till the water got evaporated. Now this becomes a fine paste. Clean the cracks dry with towel and then apply this paste on the cracks before going to bed. You can see the effect yourself.

■             Add little rose water to glycerin and apply to your feet before taking bath.

Aloe vera face pack to get rid of pimples and to get a glow on the face:-

Aloe vera paste 2 tablespoons, haldi ½ spoon, amla powder ½ spoon, ½ spoon methi (fenugreek seeds) powder, leaves of jayphal ½ spoon. Make a fine paste of all these and apply on your face in the morning and leave it for an hour and then wash with cold water. You can find the glow in your face.

                We all find hands begin to dry and appear scaly in winter. Hands become rough and aged. Special care for hands and feet in winter is important to make them look better and to keep the check on dead skin which grows rapidly.

■             Apply warm coconut oil to the hands and feet.

■             Massage hands and feet with date juice and wipe off with warm water after 20 minutes of massaging.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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