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Long Pepper

Updated: December 15, 2012 5:13 pm

Pippali or long pepper occupies an important place in our kitchen along with other spices, owing to its immense medicinal qualities. Though it is not regularly used as a spice in the Indian culinary, it is best known for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It is widely grown and is available in India and is used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. It has anti-inflammatory, carminative and digestive properties. A variety of other conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, throat problems, stomach disorders, arthritis, fevers etc. are treated with pippali. It is always combined with ginger and black pepper to form the famous trikatu (three spices). Let us know how it tackles our ailments.



To control hiccups: Pippali powder mixed with honey, taken at regular intervals controls hiccups.


To control diarrhea: Long pepper powdered and stored in a jar, when three pinches of this powder taken with honey reduces the symptoms of diarrhea.


A recipe for elderly people: For people who are suffering from old age , this recipe rejuvenates a person’s health and makes him/her feel younger. The ingredients needed are 10 gms cardamom, 10 gms bay leaves, 10 gms of cloves, 10 gms of pippali, 10 gms dry ginger, 20 gms of dry dates 20 gms of coriander seeds, 20 gms of chironji seeds, 200 gms of raisins, 200 gms of misri and there are other ingredients which are available in the Ayurvedic stores—10 gms of licorice (Glycyrrhizin glabra) 20 g of vakudukayalu/kantikari, 20 gms of kalmegh (nela vemu ); Now mix all the powders and grind by adding raisins to make a thick jam and store in a bottle.


Caution: Pregnant ladies should avoid this preparation—as told by Pt. Elchuri.


Cough relief: Long pepper relieves from cough and cold and expels mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract.


Indigestion: Pippali helps in relieving from indigestion very effectively. Take 20 gm of hing (asafetida), 20 gm of sendha lavan (rock salt), 20gm sonth (ginger powder) 20gm pippali and 20gm black pepper. Mix all the powders and make paste by adding little water. Apply this paste around the naval to get rid of indigestion. Not advisable for infants. To children above one year it can be applied


Reduce weight: Pippali along with triphala, sonth (dry ginger), black pepper and sendha lavan (rock salt), make powders of all the ingredients equally and store in a bottle. Initially take less than ¼ spoon of this powder along with water and honey. Gradually increase it ½ spoon to reduce weight.


Strengthens nervous system: This herb is used in the preparation of medicines to soothe nerves, in order to improve the quality of sleep at night. It is even used as brain tonic.


Cuts fat in stomach, back etc.: Pippali cuts fat in the body. Roast pippali on a low flame, grind smoothly and preserve this powder. Take two pinches of this powder along with honey with tongue slowly. Tongue may become heavy and somewhat tingling and spicy feeling. Do not be frightened it will subside slowly. If you take this morning and evening regularly your stomach will reduce. This generates lot of heat in the body. You need to take coconut water or butter milk to counter this.


Detoxification: It detoxifies lungs and kidneys by removing the impurities and helps in their smooth functioning.


Relief from fever: Long pepper infusion in tea reduces fevers and inflammations. It gives relief from Malaria too.


Appetite: Pippali increases appetite and helps drive out gas from intestines


Toothache: Relieves toothache owing to anti-bacterial properties.


Arthritis: Its oil can be applied externally for the treatment of arthritis and muscle soreness. The oil helps in the healing of several skin-related problems like psoriasis.


Longetivity: A well-known preparation of pippali rasayana is very powerful. It serves as longetivity enhancer.

Long peppar is easily available in all the stores in India. You can get and keep it handy for immediate relief from any problem. It tastes little odd and gives a tingling feeling on the tongue initially, but gives amazing results for any ailment.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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