Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 07:18:22

Lok Sabha passes Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022; Home Minister Amit Shah rules out possibility of its misuse

Updated: April 5, 2022 12:44 pm

The Lok Sabha has passed Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022. The bill seeks to authorize for taking measurements of convicts and other persons for the purposes of identification and investigation in criminal matters and to preserve records. It provides legal sanction for taking appropriate body measurements of persons who are required to give such measurements which include finger-impressions, palm-print and foot-print impressions, photographs, iris and retina scan, physical, biological samples, and their analysis among others. It will make the investigation of crime more efficient and expeditious and will also help in increasing the conviction rate.

The legislation also empowers the National Crime Records Bureau of India to collect, store and preserve the record of measurements and for sharing, dissemination, destruction, and disposal of records. The bill provides for empowering police or prison officer to take measurements of any person who resists or refuses to give measurements.

Replying to a debate on the bill, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, the only motive behind bringing the bill is to enhance the conviction rates in the country as well as bringing down the crime rates.

Mr. Shah said, the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill will act as the defender of human rights of crores of law-abiding citizens.

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