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Living Fearless & Free

Updated: July 23, 2011 5:39 pm

Regardless of our cultural and religious beliefs, irrespective of our diverse backgrounds and spiritual biases, we all have this very common negative feeling or emotion, which afflicts each and everyone, called fear.

            Fear is absence of love and it is in fact a love lesson in disguise which needs to be resolved otherwise we continue carrying it with us to our future lives/incarnations. On the other side of fear, there is peace and joy. Once we overcome fear we are peaceful. Each and every fear that we carry is in fact a karmic invitation planned and planted by us on purpose before we took birth here, as a lesson to learn, by acknowledging it and finally overcoming it. Fear or a feeling of being fearful, is a direct message from our higher self to directly look at it, deal with it, then conquer it and then experience joy. So every fear is a message of love from God for us to look at it directly into its eyes so that we work through it, resolve it and raise our consciousness.

            The result of working through each fear in our life not only transcends peace and joy in our lives but it provides tremendous moral and spiritual strength. Fear depletes the spiritual energy enormously around us. The key to raise your vibration for an accelerated spiritual growth is to never give in to your negative emotions of fear.

Spiritually speaking, it is one of the greatest/ biggest tests of the soul and is the grand phantom of lesson. I am not talking of circumstantial fear; they arise due to sudden or present event and quickly vanish. I am asking you to look into your “seed fear”, the fear pattern that you are carrying with you from many life times.

            Remember when you face the fear you will know that it was packed with love. Then you begin to understand that it exists not as a dark thing, but as an agreed upon attribute for your life’s work. It actually drives you to learn and grow. It is for sure a great gift, but one that is never welcomed.

            When next time you have a major challenge or a problem that makes your palms sweat with fear. Imagine your fear in front of you and do the following:

1)         Immediately look at why it might be happening, from a spiritual mind? What is the lesson? Why now? What does it mean?

2)         Meditate and co-create peace over the fear. Get peaceful first, don’t start working the problem without peace.

3)         Wait at least three days before you do anything about the actual problem.

4)         Take responsibility for it. Understand that sometime when you had the ‘mind of God’ you helped plan the test.

5)         Visualise it being solved and gone.

Much of the fear we carry is through the unresolved issues in our past incarnations. For removing fear you want to get rid of and conquer small meditations.

            Like: Close your eyes and sit calmly in a comfortable posture. Enclose yourself with the bubble of golden-white light from your ‘I am presence’ or higher self. Visualise and mentally create the grounding chord of Light, see that this tube of light projects and extends from your pelvic region into the floor and penetrates deeper into the core of the earth. If you feel upto it try to experience this fear mentally for a few seconds, don’t block any thoughts or emotions you experience at this time. Now look this fear in the eye and verbalise: “I see you, and I know why you are here, this was an agreement with my higher self. In love of God I smile at you and release you.”

            Now, imagine you are releasing and removing all the fearful thoughts, memories, fear programming, all records and all negativities and emotions associated with that fear out from your entire body and cellular level into the bubble of light surrounding you. Once you observe that your bubble of light is again shimmering with golden-white light you can stop. Thank mother earth for helping you get rid of your fears and helping you transmute the negative fears into feelings of joy and peace.

            If you do this meditation regularly over a period of time you will experience immense freedom, love and joy associated with the release of fear from your life. You will soon see the change in your whole personality.

By Maa Syama

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