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Litmus Test For Rajnath

Updated: February 16, 2013 2:48 pm

Now the crowned king Rajnath Singh is ready to lead the team BJP for the forthcoming assembly and general elections. The hue and cry for the top post of party presidentship is now over and he is ready to rebuild the organisational structure and face the battle in an effective manner. As a disciplined leader of the party, Rajnath Singh has always played a decisive role in the party with the strong support from the RSS leadership. When the party was in a bad shape earlier, he was made the party chief and he proved himself to be a successful leader by winning election after election in more than five states. A down-to-earth leader Rajnath is a well-known advocate of farmers of our country. He is a mild, soft-spoken leader of the masses and has strong moorings rooted in Indian culture, heritage and ethos. But now the resurged cadres of the BJP have a big hope on the new party chief to take hard decisions for the greater interest of the party, which is literally in disarray. There are confusions among the cadres as the differences among the top ten leaders are wide open on different issues, starting from leadership of the party to taking on the UPA’s failures on different issues. On the re-nomination of Nitin Gadkari, a confusing message went to the cadres. The amendment of party constitution for repeating the party president was done to reappoint Nitin Gadkari as national president. But a huge public drama on state of BJP’s national leadership was live on 24 hour news channels. It seems as if the term democracy was vividly exploited by BJP leaders to set their personnel goal, belittling the party. Internal democracy in the BJP has harmed the party more in recent incidents, where some of the leaders have blasted the party like unguided missiles. In the recently held Chintan Shivir at Jaipur, the Congress party has accepted the decision of Sonia Gandhi to project Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs in the form of party vice president. An artificial emotional atmosphere was created within the Congress party that the Rajkumar of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is taking a big risk to accept the mantle of the party. As if no other young leader in the whole Congress party did not match with the dynamic leadership of Rahul Gandhi, despite his failures in all the party affairs in the past. But still the Congress has given a strong signal to the party cadres and to the nation that Rahul Gandhi is the only saviour of the Congress party to lead our nation. On the other hand, the principal opposition party, the BJP, had frustrated its cadres and the nation by exposing the internal differences in its top leaders embossed in public domain. Rajnath has to take strong actions and precautions to check the unguided missiles of the party and a strong message should now go that the party is united.

Time has come for the BJP to effect many changes in its leadership as the new generation is waiting to take up the challenges. Respected senior leaders of the party such as LK Advani and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi should now play the role of Margdarshak of the party and should take the responsibility to mould the new generation to lead the party in future. It would be a big challenge for party chief Rajnath Singh to induct new young faces into the party’s parliamentary board like its dynamic Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. Also there needs to be an overall change in the last team of Gadkari, where many leaders had failed very badly to show their performances. Some of the young team members of Gadkari should be kept out of the loop, if they had yielded no performances in strengthening organisational bases. Making a strong capable team, representing all the regions, sections and generations in the BJP is really a gargantuan task for the party chief. There is also a big hue and cry as to who the next prime ministerial candidate of NDA is in next elections. Narendra Modi is a natural choice now for his spectacular performance as Chief Minister of Gujarat. But Modi has to prepare the blueprint of how he could be an accepted choice for the allies of the NDA. It is an uphill task for Modi to win over the hearts of the BJP central leaders in Delhi, who are in queue for a long period to hold the top post. BJP chief Rajnath Singh could also be a dark horse, who has got strong support from the RSS and to some extent the support of many BJP chief ministers and many allies of NDA. But Rajnath Singh clearly says that he has no mission now except strengthening the party to face the next polls. Let’s see how Rajnath Singh takes up the job.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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