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Linseed plant is known as Agasthiya vriksham in Sanskrit and Agasthya in Hindi.  This is because the sage Agasthya has given the medicinal benefits of this plant to the mankind.  The Latin name of linseed is linum usitatissimum means most useful. This seed is bigger than the Flax seed and oil is obtained from this seed.

Linseed oil is edible. This oil contains all the essential acids that our body needs.  Lack of these essential fats in our body is the cause of many diseases. Most common of them being arthritis, heart disease, High blood pressure, disorder of brain function etc.

Linseed has the highest concentration of lignans. Lignans are found in plant based foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables. Among the plant based compounds linseeds are the best available source of anti cancerous and phyto-oestrogenic compounds.  An impressive number of studies have shown that linseed lignans help in prevention or in treatment of breast and colon cancer.  It is because they are able to modulate the production and availability of the hormones produced in our bodies.

– The plant has different varieties like white, red yellow and black flowers. Bark leaf and flower are bitter to taste. Very effectively controls viral infections, cough, fevers, snake poison and helps in cutting down fat.

– Swollen lymph nodes can be reduced by applying the leaf extract. By eating the cooked leaves one can get rid of constipation and also reduce fat in and around the stomach.  It is given to cattle too to keep them strong and to cut the unwanted fat.

– These leaves are good for eyes. Two drops of leaf extract removes the dirt from eyes and even cures night blindness.

– Linseed leaves dried and powdered mixed with buffalo milk can be applied to body and exfoliate to get fairer look.

– Dry roast the seeds and grind along with sugar candy measuring half the amount of seeds. After grinding make round balls measuring about one  gram.  Those who are suffering from kidney problems should take one laddoo before food both the times.  Gradually he will be free from  kidney troubles.

– Relief from asthma.  Make powder of roasted linseeds about 40 gms and black pepper 10gms. mix both powders and daily take about 3gms of powder along with honey.  Within four weeks the disease will disappear.

– Sometimes boils appears on the skin due to heat.  In that case take turmeric powder and linseed powder in equal amounts and make poultice on the affected area. This will decrease the swelling and slowly the skin becomes normal.

– To get rid of night blindness eat linseed flowers or buds by making vegetable along with rice. If you eat the vegetable for 21days this will help cure the disease completely.

– Take linseed, black gram, wheat and long pepper.  Make all of them into powder and mix them.  Before taking bath add little pure ghee and apply to your whole body and wait for some time before taking bath.  On repeatedly applying this powder you will notice an enhanced beauty of your skin.

– Linseed is rich in Iron which is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Phosphorus, calcium and magnesium help contribute to the healthy bones. So sprinkle these crunchy seeds on your vegetable dish to make it more tasty and healthy.

by Nibhanapudi Suguna    

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