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Life Saver

Updated: February 20, 2010 1:46 pm

In nothing do men more nearly approach the God than in giving health to men. And this is exactly what Dr Akshay Kumar Bisoi, a cardiologist at All India Medical Institute of Sciences (AIIMS), is doing. He is one of those rare doctors who has performed 16,000 cardiac surgeries in his 15-year-long career in AIIMS. Still he feels he has not done any great job by performing so many operations. “I have been completely devoted and loyal to my job,” he told Uday India in a formal tête-à-tête. He is the man who has saved many lives. He was involved in a complicated operation of a baby whose heart was protruded outside his body and many other told and untold operations.

“When a patient comes to us, he comes with a trust of being treated and going back with a healthier body,” said Dr Bisoi and added that if he has attained the present status, the credit goes to the patients and the hospital for reposing their faith in him. Dr Bisoi is a staunch admirer of former Director of AIIMS Dr P Venugopal for his perseverance and dedication to his work. He reminisces: “Dr P Venugopal has trained hundreds of students and unlike our politicians did not run overseas for his own heart operation. He just asked one of his students to perform the operation on him and that was me. The feeling that he reposed so great trust in me sends a shiver down my spine. That was the most memorable moment of my life till date. He is the most wonderful, accomplished teacher one could ever have.”

Dr Bisoi believes in performing his job with sincerity and valuing one’s life. Since every human being’s life is very precious, there should be no compromise on the issue of safety and quality of life, he emphasises. “I feel every person should first set a goal in his life and having achieved it, he should raise the bar own his own. There are many other people who are better than us and one should have that capability to accept it. This is the only way to achieve your goal. And there should be no compromise on this issue. Patients come to us with so much of trust and confidence in us and it is very sublime thing in itself for us, which gives us inspiration and moral courage to fulfil their expectations.”

When asked about the basic reason behind the increasing rate of heart diseases in India, Dr Bisoi says: “As we all know that a human body is developed in a manner as to live for more than 600 hundred years but the average age of human life is just 60 to 70 years. It is basically due to the adoption of western trend. We Indians are more prone to genetic diseases and the moment we enter in a different kind of environment, it leads us to pre-mature death. And the other reasons could be poverty, illiteracy, population and ignorance and to address these problems the government should hammer out a strategy to provide proper health care system.”

By Vaishali Tanwar

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