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Liberhan leaked

Updated: December 19, 2009 12:25 pm

Defending himself, the other day, Home Minister P Chidambram blew his own trumpet that the government had no hand in the leakage of the report, as there is only one copy of the report, which is in the safe custody of North Block. But the same day when The Indian Express carried the so-called report, three news channels were also claiming that they had the report of the Commission and, adding salt to the injury, they were also airing the ‘inside’ stories from the report. Maybe this must have made Chidambaram pull a long face. It is reported that he tried to prove his ‘innocence’ in the cabinet meeting. As this was not enough, he managed to broadcast a press release from a news channel in which it said, “we have not received the copy of the report from home minister.” It seems retreat by a section of electronic media has become a hackneyed practice.

A-mar(s) secular credentials!


With the leakage of Liberhan Commission hogging all the limelight of the media, how the champion of ‘secularism’, Samajwadi Party members can let the grass grow under their feet without cashing on it. Hence they created the scene. It thus happened that the issue pertaining to Liberhan Commission report was raised in the Rajya Sabha by the BJP members with Deputy Leader in the Upper House Surinder Singh Ahluwalia was in the lead. Grabbing this opportunity, Amar Singh and his colleagues rushed to the benches where main opposition party members sit. And on the spur of the moment, Amar Singh tried to grab the collar of SS Ahluwalia’s shirt. When one senior leader of the BJP watched this indecorous scene, he wondered what’s going on. Thoroughly stumped by the Amar Singh’s misdemeanor, he asked, “You too! Behaving in such a manner? And reportedly pat came the reply, with making no bones, that they have to send out the message to their supporters. However, after the incident, Mr. Amar Singh apologised to Mr. Ahluwalia in the House. But what way to show their ‘secular’ credentials—by making a virtue of necessity!

Why Dadas get angry?


Is there any connection between angriness and Dadas of Bengal? This question is being asked in the corridors of power in New Delhi. It so happened that the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha LK Advani raised the compensation issue to the victims of 26/11 terror attack in the Lok Sabha on the first anniversary. When he finished his argument, Ananth Kumar, another BJP MP, pleaded to the Treasury Benches to respond. But, reasons best known to him, the Leader of the House Pranab Mukherjee lost his temper and hollered at Ananth Kumar. This was unexpected of Mukherjee (also called Dada affectionately, which in Bengali means elder brother), who otherwise maintains decorum and dignity. Responding to Dada’s yelling, BJP MPs raised their voices. But Advani directed them to keep silence. Here in this regard political observers point out another incident when in the last Lok Sabha, the then Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, another Dada also get angry on members without any provocation. Once a prominent leader of the Opposition asked him why he got angry as soon as he entered the House. That leader also advised him to keep cool as angriness is injurious to health. But the question still remains unanswered why Dadas of Bengal get so much angry?

Mamata in Catch-22


The Trinamool Congress still has not got space for a party office—nor in Parliament or outside of it in the parts of Lutyen’s Delhi. However, the party recently identified an office site as a bungalow at Bishamber Dass Marg. But Housing Committee of Lok Sabha has already allotted this bungalow to BJP MP Ashok Argal, who at present is staying at Feroze Shah Road. When Trinamool leaders approached him to persuade not to accept the accommodation at Bishamber Dass Marg, Argal, making the most of the bungalow’s importance, put up a strange condition before Mamata that Railways should accept his demand to start a new railway connection in his constituency pending for a long time. Now Railway Minister is in a dilemma—whether to accept the demand or lose the office!

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