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Let’s Walk In Divine Garden

Updated: July 4, 2015 9:16 am

Bharat is the only country on the earth, where complete aspect of human life is written large on stones. In fact, our nation is a treasure trove of rich knowledge base, where a child can enjoy a growth capsule to become a complete man. Our history, our culture, our rich tradition, education, science, medicine, literature, etc, all are a class apart. Our mother and motherland both are the best and most unique in this universe and that’s why Bharat boasts of many proud sons in every walk of life. Every solution is available here for all sorts of problems that arise in the contemporary world. But sometimes we look at others and the developed nations teach us how to solve global issues, whether it is an environmental issue or research for advanced technologies. If one reads our traditional knowledge base, one can find that our nation is more advanced than others. That is why Bharat has been vishwa guru since time immemorial and it is a proven fact. And why I am emphasising this background is to remind our countrymen let’s focus on our own knowledge base, exploit research done here, so that no one can stop us from becoming number one in every field. Today, the whole world is afflicted with hazardous diseases, and our nation is not lagging behind on this count. It is noteworthy here that a deep-rooted conspiracy was hatched by our invaders to make us weak mentally and physically so as to force us to follow outsiders. Against this backdrop, we did not allow our future generation to know what our country’s ethos was. What its real history was. Who our real heroes are. And, whom they should follow. Health is one important sector, where we all forgot to follow our ancient alternative system of medicine, which was well researched by our great saints. Our traditional knowledge teaches us to build our body through the aid of mother nature. And one should keep in mind the fact that body-building is the foundation of nation building. But now-a-days, we have no time to heal ourselves through healing agencies of the nature–the sun, water, air, earth, steam, fasts, herbs etc. The modern life system does not allow us to observe the laws of eating, drinking, sleeping, thinking and conducting ourselves. We live in tune with the nature, use herbs and greens when we have got holidays once or twice a year or when we are very ill. The reason for most of the diseases can be attributed to the so-called modern life-style and artificial way of living. Diseases are due to ignorance and violence of the laws of health and hygiene. Yoga, asanas and meditation were linked to our daily life, but now no one has time to practise them. In our ancient gurukuls, yoga and meditation were part of study, but in the modern system of education, one has to think twice to practise yoga in schools, as it is originated from Hindutva. Our ‘secularists’ caution Muslims should stay away from it. But our Vedas teach us that our doors should be remained open for all and we should be open-minded to receive all kinds of good things from any direction or religion. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah is our goal.

Our human body is known as the temple of God. Scientists and sages say: “Human body is the most marvellous and delicate machine in the world. Its wonderful mechanism is highly complex. Even the most eminent doctors have not yet completely understood its structure and working.” Great saint Swami Sivananda says: “Health depends upon ones karma. A virtuous man enjoys long life and good health. A wicked man is unhealthy.” Maharshi Patanjali says in his Yoga Sutra: “Span of life, caste, enjoyment depends upon one’s own karma.” Therefore, one has to perform virtuous actions, and shun evil actions. The body, mind and spirit must be healthy to become a healthy human being. And this is our traditional knowledge, provided by our great saints. So one fails to understand where the religion comes here. Shame on our political leaders, for whom their own agenda comes first. In the ancient Bharat, yoga, asanas and meditation were performed in a holistic manner by all walks of life. Later on, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, since its inception in 1925, has been preaching yoga in its shakhas everyday. In this perspective, one salutes the great revolutionaries like Swami Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Iyengar and many others who have played a great role in modern days to popularise yoga. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves kudos as June 21 is being celebrated as International Yoga Day. It’s good that awareness campaign is going on in government offices, private sector, public sector and schools. Many imams and Muslim brethren have now come forward to join the great movement—that is health for all. “Health is wealth” is an old saying. So, let’s join hands to strengthen and build our nation by building our body.


Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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