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Let’s Learn Something

Updated: March 13, 2010 12:19 pm

A crowd cannot be called a society. People who rise from the crowd, make an identity for themselves, are together called a society. If we look thousands of years back, history remembers those, who had taken challenges in their stride, conquered them and made a name for themselves.

            It is said that Socrates( 469-399 BC) and Chankya (4th century BC) were not good-looking. Meaning thereby that there is no relation between beauty and intelligence. Taking ugliness as a challenge, one can attain a better position than all the beautiful people of the world.

            If a person is brought up in poverty and takes that situation as a challenge and in spite of the odds climbs the ladder of success, his life becomes a role model for others. Napolean (1769-1821) and Hitler (1889-1945) are two such examples whose childhood was ridden with poverty. So what if Eklavya could not get his Guru’s blessings, he bowed to him in his imagination and acquired the art of archery. Who can take their places? The three of them did not think too much about what they did not have and took them as a motivation for success in their lives.

            Famous litterateur Jainender Kumar has written, “A man is born with his own destiny. He cannot change it. However, will he have a good future if he stopped working for it at all ? If breathing stops, it is called death, if movement stops it is also called death, if wind stops blowing, it is death, stopping has always been a death. Life is a continous journey”. Obstacles should not prevent us from continuing on this continous Journey.

            Think for a moment about a person who has never faced problems in his life. There is none who had not faced any problems. One needs determination to face obstacles and rise above them to achieve the goal.

            Joseph Parker, the famous scholar writes that finding fault with others is a natural tendency of man. Such people dominated by inferiority complex have a negative attitude and. consider it ‘easy to see defects in others. They cannot detect goodness. They even have doubts on God’s blessing.

            We forget that the moment we think of harming others, we sow a poisonous seed in our mind. Shakespeare (15641616) writes that our interesting villainous actions prove to be our torturous whips, for the deeds which we despise, cannot be appreciated by others. As he

writes-“O what an entangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”.

            Khalil Gibran also comes to mind who says- ‘Learn! Learn from all. There is a lot to learn from surroundings. I have learnt quietness from a talkative, tolerance from a non-tolerant and kindness and compassion from a cruel man.”

            Modem thinkers have scientifically experimented with the tendencies of man. They sum up that man spends 95 per cent of his time thinking about himself. This is further divided into two parts. First, what he thinks about himself and second, thinking about what other think of him. Psychologists call such a person a lazy person. Such a man spends his time in thinking, and procrastinates action.

            Once a Sadhu enjoyed his own reflection falling on a nearby brook’s water and the blissful redness of a setting orange hued Sun. He retired to a cottage for rest where a scholarly philosopher used to live. The Sadhu asked for permission to live and the philosopher cheerfully accepted.

            The Sadhu told him that the philosopher was a great man.

            He was living in a beautiful place where nature was at her best. The philosopher revealed that there was an even more charming place five miles away. The Sadhu should visit that place too, The Sadhu said -“You must have visited that place. Please . tell me about the best time to visit it.” The philosopher replied”I have yet to go there, I have just heard about it. I remain busy in my studies.”

            The Sadhu exclaimed that a man who is unable to spare time for appreciating the beauty of nature will be a depressed person. He went on to say, “You have deprived yourself of the beauty of nature by wearing the spectacles of knowledge.”

            The philosopher was shaken. He said the right time to visit that place is the moonless night.

            ‘I will go there sans lamp. You can accompany me if you desire. Having said so, the Sadhu continued thinking about the nature and the flaw in the thinking of the philosopher who had not acquainted himself with nature’s beauty.           .

            The philosopher, on the other hand, thought, “I am shaken by this Sadhu today. I am becoming aware of my failure now. People do talk to me but don’t get impressed.”

            He came to Sadhu and said, “I shall come with you”.

            The Sadhu said, “I have heard and realised that if you find space enough to put one foot only, you can revolve around the Earth. The darkness is within. The mind should be tough. Feet start moving on their own.”

            Both set out at night towards the destination. It was morning. There was redness in the sky. The rhythmic soft cadence of the river, .the rays’ of morning sun falling on it, the song of the birds, and deer in a herd. “Beautiful! Very beautiful”, the philosopher burst out, he started dancing and singing. He said to the Sadhu, “You are my teacher. You have-made me see divinity, my thinking is nothing in comparison to this divinity.”

            The Sadhu said- “I.isten and reflect upon this saying after I leave, Be a friend to yourself. Second—know the things around you. Thirdly, no school is greater than nature. Fourth-look at yourself before peeping into others.”

            Khalil Jibran has said-‘I am dust and I am fire. If my fire burns away my dust, I shall lead a noble life.’

            A German saying goes—People quarrel over the peels instead of pulp. But experience makes you realise that a hot hammer is of no use. Only a cool hammer is of use.

            It is the nature of the world that a growing person gets all aid and support and a falling person gets only kicks. If a man has no faith in himself, the world does not show faith in him.

            A person with a strong determination and will power to succed wins half of the battle before it starts. I have seen a person who is successful in whatever he does and does it with honours. This is because he never hesitates and never doubts his own capability to do work. His confidence sometimes inflates his ego and this alienates him from some people. On the other hand, there are people who doubt their success and get sad in spite of all intelligence and education. A coward gets let down and inspite of being exceptionally talented he can never succeed in life.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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