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Let’s awaken the Guru inside us

Updated: September 21, 2018 4:43 pm

The Guru does not only mean those who teach us in schools or colleges, but they are also our path-finders or torch-bearers for a divine path. Our mother, father, teacher, friends, wife, son, daughter, all can be our Guru. One who always guides us to follow the right path or the path of salvation we may respect them as our Guru. In my life, I have many Gurus. Many of my Gurus don’t even know that for me, they are my most revered figure. The most blissful soul that is inside us is a part of the Paramatma or God. And this soul inside us is the purest part of our life. Our actions follow the instructions of our soul, and the intellect. So, our revered Gurus always guide us to polish our thoughts and how to earn Punya by involving ourselves in godly activities like service and kindness to all living organisms in this world. When we divert our mind in this mortal world for achieving ‘self-goal’, then the revered Guru guides us to desist from it and imbibe in our actions those activities that would serve humanity. And mind my words, God has no wish from us other than following the path of righteousness. So when a very difficult and confusing situation comes to our mind, Guru awakens our intellect to be careful about our actions, and interactions. Guru infuses into us the most powerful knowledge so that we are able to decide what just is and what unjust is. I mean Guru guide us to create a Guru into ourselves, so that we become our own Guru. According to my understanding, Guru is a set of moral principles to make our own soul a pious one. When our soul would be pious, our actions would automatically be pure, and divine thoughts would come to our mind. That is what Lord Krishna has taught Arjun in the Bhagwad Gita–how to become a perfect man with pious soul so as to be an Uttam Purush. The Uttam Purush always involves his/her actions in bringing welfare and happiness to all. So let’s pledge to create our own Guru into ourselves.


By Deepak Kumar Rath

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