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Updated: March 19, 2011 2:28 pm

In a hot summer afternoon nothing is more refreshing than a glass of lemon juice. It not only quenches thirst but also gives instant energy to the body. It protects the body from dehydration, effectively relieves from heartburn caused by acidity and other related gastric problems. It helps in improving the appetite and activitates digestive enzimes. Lemon is a citrous fruit and have vitamin ‘C’ in abundance, protects the body from cold, cough and sore throat. It is anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral and fights against many diseases related to infections. It gives instant energy to the body as it contains glucose, iron, calcium and other essencial minerals.The calcium present in it helps in building stronger bones and teeth. It is even helpful in reducing the weight of our body. Flushes out harmful toxins from the body, gives relief from constipation, body pain, weakness, fatigue etc. Lemon water, if taken regularly, keeps the BP under control. It is helpful in curing many stomach-related ailments like constipation, dypepsia etc.


■             Add one spoon full of lemon juice to ½ glass of water and drink before eating food twice a day to increase the power digetion.

■             Regular use of lemon makes the gums strong and can get rid of sinusitis.

■             Take the juice of ½ lemon and add to the juice of one orange and little honey. Drink this juice on empty stomach. This is helpful in relieving from constipation.

■             Glycerin, lemon juice and rose water mixed together and makes an effective hand lotion. If applied regularly, hands will become very soft.

■             To get the shine of your hair, boil dry tea leaves by adding little lemon juice. Apply this solution to hair after shampooing, it acts as a conditioner.

■             Take four spoons of lemon juice; add 3 gms of dhania powder and two spoons of sugar and drink four times a day to get relief from burning sensation in hands and feet.

■             For colitis and stomach-related problems take two big tablespoons full of lemon juice in a glass of water, add dry black berries and dates to it, leave overnight and drink early in the morning.

■             Prepare lemon juice in a small earthen pot add old jaggery to it and drink this juice to get relief from thirst, irritability, nose bleeding, loss of appetite, acidity, ulcers and cold. Before regular use it is essencial to keep the new earthen pot filled with turmeric water for two days. Fill the pot with water and add little turmeric powder (haldi) to it. This will help get rid of all the germs.

■             Lemon juice and honey with warm water to reduce fat in the stomach, take half an hour before lunch and dinner.

■             A glass of lemon juice with 2 spoons of ginger juice and 2 spoons of dhania juice added to it if taken will keep the Blood Pressure under control—twice a day, one hour before lunch and dinner.

■             Lemon is good for the skin. Lemon water if taken regularly cleaneses the toxins, brings glow to the skin, removes the dark spots, acne etc. External application also helps in healing bleeding injuries and stops from infection and formation of pus etc due to its anti-bacterial properties.


                Lemon juice should be taken fresh and should not be stored for long in refrigerator as it loses the nutritional value. Lemon should always be taken with water or any other food item for it cannot be taken in the concentrated form as it is very sour.

                Besides drinking as a beverage, it is used in culineray purposes. Lemon rice, lemon pickles, lemon chutneys, cakes, bread, pastries, chololates and many more items are made with lemon. Salads and many food items are sprinkled with lemon juice to enhance its taste. Lemon juice is used to reduce the bitterness of bitterguard, the itchi sensation of jimikand or arbi and enhance the taste of the otherwise bland vegetable. After squeezing the juice, keep the lemon aside and when you are done with your work in the kichen, apply/rub these lids on your hands or on the cracks of the feet due to its healing effect on skin it heals the minute of the cracks. If you keep these in a bowl with little water in the refregirator, the bad odour is absorbed and removes the odd smell. Lemon is used in many beauty products besides medicinal and culinery uses.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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