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Left to Right journey that makes one a Sanghi

By Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Updated: January 16, 2023 9:36 am

This author isn’t a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) member, nor is he such with any of its affiliated including Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Yet he is branded Sanghi by some elements who read his social media comments, and columns such as ‘Don’t defy Prof. Babones bravado, instead introspect’, ‘Tainted legacy of opposition unity and GE2024’, ‘Missions denigrate India sabotages vision Viswaguru’, ‘Introspection and Course Correction time for Intellectuals’, ‘Civil Society isn’t enemy, but not immune from subversion, suborn, division & manipulation’, etc.

Apart from the above, last month, while this author was travelling in train in a day long journey, two of his co-passengers were found discussing country’s socio-political situation, often blaming Sangh Parivar for all ills of the country. On hearing that discussion, he was found by his co-passengers having smiled the kind they perhaps didn’t like. So they asked ‘Why so, Sir?’, and later insisted for a response. So, he responded reluctantly, “I have answers to all the issues you discussed here. But, I’m sure you won’t have patience to hear me till the end.”

In response, one of them told confidently, “You must be a Sanghi.”

This author replied, “If telling the truth makes me Sanghi, I’m a proud Sanghi.”

The discussion started and had an abrupt end as forecasted earlier.

Here, there’s the journey detail of this Sanghi.

It was in early 1980s when this author, born and brought up in a village, joined a city college for his Intermediate Arts study. Free from parental watch, he joined a Left party student organization, and got indoctrinated in phases with organisation’s doctrines. During this indoctrination process, in 1982, there was a devastating flood in the coastal Odisha. And he along with his friends under the banner of his newly joined students’ organisation collected some relief materials and went to some affected villages for distribution. On the way, he noticed marooned people all around, hungry and homeless.

Alongside the pathetic state of affairs of people, they noticed some religious organization wearing their religious symbols distributing relief materials including their religion’s trademark and a holy book.

‘What kind of reliefs the trademark and book could be for marooned?’ was the question started disturbing the teenager.

And he also found another organization was distributing reliefs without any identification trademark as above and without discrimination. For the sake up his knowledge, he checked with the philanthropists from both the group asking them ‘why they two have two different practices while distributing reliefs?’ While one group proudly said ‘they were distributing God’s grace’, the other group said ‘we don’t believe in harvesting soul in muddy water’. Very disturbing as well as interesting indeed for a teenager! But, the team leader, the student organisation senior who later contested for college Students’ Union General Secretary and President unsuccessfully, was found not happy with the teenager’s intermingling with the philanthropists.

Team leader told his sepoys to take relief materials to two exclusive villages. They did that religiously as the organisation had earlier indoctrinated them the doctrine of disciple which was paramount in the organization. On the way back to Puri after two days of soul searching in muddy water, the team had a brainstorming over “Why they focused only in those two villages when many others were equally crying for help? And why religion trademark and holy book were distributed along with reliefs?” among other issues.

His team leader explained: These two villages had supported the party candidates in the last few elections. And in regard to above discussed two groups of philanthropists, he said, “While one group is an imported religion, other one is indigenous one. And we have nothing to do with them as we don’t believe in religion.”

Not satisfied with the answer, this author asked, “How could we brushed aside a concept (religion), which is as old as human civilization, and people in majority all across the world adhering to the concept –nevertheless in different forms and practices- and the concept is very close to human value system and culture? Indian religions are close to Indian culture and theirs’ their culture. We Indians are not infringing into their religions though to a great extent we have endorsed their culture and value system, may be due to the foolishness of some of our self-serving predecessors who initiated this process. We must oppose this cultural invasion, and when the religion has a role in it, and the same must be protected comes what way.”  Answers this author got against the above questions did not satisfy him. Therefore, despite being with that students’ organization, the teenager went on ferreting out the truths behind the above discussed so-called philanthropies as well as often discussed fascist and communalist accredited to Sangh and its affiliates, and eventually, he himself got the branding of Sanghi. His research concludes that there is a well-planned, academically-oiled, dollar-financed and above all politically organized attempts to swallow/replace Indian culture with imported one branding later aborigine, uncultured and unworthy and having no human civilization value.

Here, there are a few examples:

Virgin Mary could give birth to Jesus and the Buraq, a heavenly equine or chimeral beast, could carry Prophet to and fro between earth and heaven, but pushpak vimana and Ram Setu -though later has been found artificial by NASA-, etc. are products of mythology and fiction, and so ridiculed.

Sangh is blamed by the so-called secular politicians, journalists, academicians and foreign media promoting Hindus Rastra concept without substantial proof; but all of them were silent when the most secular party Congress went ahead promising Christian state to Christian majority Mizoram post-Mizo Accord. Fortunately, Congress lost in the election to a religion based regional party which didn’t promise like national party and the state hadn’t got Christian State status.

Congress Party workers went on raping, rioting and murdering innocent minority Sikhs in thousands in broad day light in national capital in 1984 and party supremo went ahead highlighting this crime to win election in subsequent General Election preponed to get electoral advantage for party’s just done heinous crime saying ‘When the big banyan tree falls, earth shakes’, yet such leader ornamented with Bharat Ratna and his Samadhi is called Vir Bhumi.

During the early days of the on-going so-called Bharat Joda Yatra, the star yatri visited a priest who told him, “He wears shoes to keep him safe from contaminated Bharat Mata.” India is a poor country compares to the West, and so the shoe wearing compare to the West is much less in India. How could proud patriot star yatri of Bharat Joda Yatra not ask the priest, “Is the West highly contaminated, so there people wear shoes much more than Indians?”

India’s democratically elected present Prime Minister -not once but twice consecutively with increased vote shares- is branded dictator, fascist, war-monger and what not by Indian and the Western liberal media and their columnists. Here a pertinent question arise: how could such a dictator, fascist and war-monger has been trusted by the war ravaged Ukraine to mediate to bring peace to the region, and that too soon after Ukraine President visited the US, the country which backed the victim with whopping $45 billion war-assistance grant along with sophisticated war-gears? How could such fascist distributed Covid19 vaccines in 70 poor countries when liberal-West blocked the vaccines four/five times of their actual requirements depriving poor countries their shares?

In world over, for centuries, it is taught that Hinduism is responsible for India’s economic backwardness. But the research instituted by paris-based reputed Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) under the supervision of British economist Prof. Angus Maddison tells it is the Abrahamic invasions which looted, butchered and pushed the country to backwardness between 1000AD and 1947AD. Finally, this author is proud of being called Sanghi as he follows scientist-statesman and Bharat Ratna – Dr. A. P. J. Kalam, Nobel Peace laureate – HH Dalai Lama and statesman Bharat Ratna – Pranab Mukharjee, who proudly visited RSS headquarter, offered flowers to Sangh founder and praised the works of Sangh and its affiliates.

Last column for the year 2022 and wish Happy New Year 2024!


By Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
(The writer is Research Fellow at DRaS and Faculty of Management Studies in Trident Group of Institution, Bhubaneswar.)

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