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Left liberals’ blinkered vision

Updated: September 22, 2017 1:35 pm

The tide of anger that swept across the country at the horrific killing of Gauri Lankesh engulfed the poignancy and grief one feels whenever a life is lost. And then worse, politics took over. Her death is being hardly mourned, the Left Liberal are using her death to bludgeon their pet aversion Narendra Modi, and in after thought the RSS, while social media is unravelling the harsh, and sometimes humiliating and insulting words she used in her writings.

It is unfortunate that her death instead of being mourned and the respect normally shown by avoiding any reference to the deceased’s private life is being exploited both by Left Liberals to further their agenda to smear Modi, BJP and RSS while the Right—wingers are busy digging out how much she hated Hindu Dharma and the abusive words she used against the ‘Sanghis.

She was a normal journalist, contributed to English publications until 2012 . But after the death of her father, P. Lankesh, an influential Kannada writer, who wanted to change in the thinking and culture of the Kannada society, she decided to continue with the publication of her father, her journalism was deeply encroached by her activism. She became an ideologue with extreme views. Her criticisms were chilling and must have aroused thunderous thoughts in many.

Not many of us, outside Karnataka, knew much about her but its obvious from her writings that her journalism became a means to propagate her ideology and beliefs, which were extremely radical and anti-ideology of the majority. But she had the right of free expression and she wrote since 2012 several anti-BJP and Hindu believes until now, that is for five years.

The ideological war she was frequently involved with according to Antony Hopkins writing in the Spectator has killed more than religious wars. She should have been aware of the danger she put herself in every time she used harsh words in her writings.

But whatever motive was behind her gruesome murder  the guilty must be brought to book—and soon. Lankesh’s political and ideological leanings are not, and should not be, relevant to the investigation of thecold-blooded murder. The challenge is to apprehend the killers and expose the conspiracy, if any, behind the murder.

But unfortunately, her murder has been given a political hue  by the pseudo intellectuals and Left Liberals who are exploiting her death to foul-mouth  Modi, which is their agenda. They don’t seem to be grieving over her death but treating it as a great opportunity for vendetta against Modi in particular. This deserves nothing but contempt.

Sudhir Bisht, noted columnist and author, who attended the meeting at the Press Club had written an exclusive article for PGurus in which he has expressed his anguish and disgust over the way“vultures were feasting over a dead body.

“I have never seen people playing such cheap and dirty politics over a dead body. Mind you, poor Gauri Lankesh was not even cremated when these vultures were putting their beaks in the flesh of the corpse.”

Even more nauseating has been the I am the accuser, I am the prosecutor, I am the jury and the Judge, attitude of Rahul Gandhi, who within hours of her murder flippantly declared the RSS guilty. He aspires to lead the country but hasn’t the common sense that one should not pre-judge, before inquiry commission, in this case SIT, submits its report.

It will be difficult to sift the truth from the reports dished out by the ‘national’ media given its ‘visceral hatred of the current ruling dispensation’, but fortunately, the capital-based English language media, nuisance value is far’ greater than its actual influence on the people.

It has been hysterically shouting about the threat the ruling party supposedly poses to the Constitutional order.Words bandied about, fascism, fundamentalists, intolerant, dictatorial, danger to free thinking.

If Rahul and Yechuri and the intellectual mafia are to be believed the identity of the killer is known. Should then the Siddaramaiah government go by the averments of the woolly-headed secularist crowd, the Bengaluru police by now would have already picked up a stray member of an RSS-BJP affiliate and presented him to the world media as the killer.’

As much success has not been achieved by the intellectuals in smearing Modi who seems to have Teflon Touch, they seem to be getting so desperate that they are putting foot in the mouth.

The much acclaimed historian Ramchandra Guha, who is expected to be circumspect, blurted out that the Sangh could be involved in the murder of Gauri Lankesh. He now faces defamation charge.

Gauri Lankesh in her Kannada weekly regularly spewed venom against the Sangh Parivar, how does it follow from that the Sangh was behind her murder?

Gauri questioned the basis of Hinduism by calling it merely an arrangement of social structure and saying, “They (the Sangh Parivar) claim to be protecting this dharma but we do not want this dharma; the Constitution is our dharma.” She damned the Hindu Dharma way back in 2012, did it take five years for Sangh’s spirit of revenge to incubate.

The powerful moneybag in the Karnataka government, who was raided by the income tax authorities on the eve of the recent Gujarat Rajya Sabha election too was reportedly a target of Gauri Lankesh.

Also, as an activist she had established close links with the Naxals, taking upon herself the task of persuading some of them to surrender, something bound to have angered the hardcore armed guerrillas no end.

Taking a cue from the liberal-left crowd, could one rule out the hand of the Naxals behind her removal? At least, the victim’s brother seemsto think so.

Francois Gautier, ex La Figaro,who has been following Indian politics since 1971 while condemning Gauri’s murder as an utterly  despicable act said, ‘what stood out immediately after the news about her murder was the kind of journalism practiced by most of the TV channels, newspapers and of course the politicians.…poor Gauri Lankesh was not even cremated.

‘Even before Gauri’s dead body was removed to the hospital for autopsy, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress vice-president who recently switched over to Artificial Intelligence to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was the first to hit the national headlines with the claim that the BJP and the RSS were behind the murder.

A host of leaders led by the CPI-M Sitaram Yechury joined the scion of the Gandhi family and lambasted the BJP and Sangh Parivar for the murder of Gauri.’

Many were amazed that the Siddaramaiah government accorded a State Funeral with 21 Gun Salute to one who was a life-long dissident of the Establishment and its power and patronage. This is why she neversought advertisements from the Government. And also why double standards, others like Kannada Literary scholar M.M. Kalburgi who was also shot in Dharawad in 2015 was not accorded this honour. Was he denied the honour because he wrote nothing against Modi and Right wing?

Many journalists in India have been murdered by anti-social elementsand mafia bosses. In Bihar, the criminal turned politician Mohammed Shahabuddin, leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal whose boss is Lalu Prasad Yadav, has allegedly ordered bumping off journalists who dared to report his anti-social activities. How many of us remember their names? There is the case of J Dey, a journalist of Bombay who was shot dead at point blank by the hired killers allegedly deployed by Chhota Rajan.

Not a single meeting was held in the premises of Press Club of India or for that matter anywhere in India over these killings. There was neither any candle light vigils too. What made Gauri Lankesh more honourable than other scribes?

Was then the State Funeral for Gauri Lankesh  a recognition for a journalist who relentlessly fought the  BJP and Hindutva.  Gautier has been very critical, ‘A 21-gun salute and a state funeral given to a Maoist radical and intellectual terrorist by an anti- Hindu Congress government which is doing all it can in its power to encourage Abrahamic and leftist fascism in karnatka.”

So much of bile, just because a murder most foul, was turned into a political bomb at Modi. Hopefully, better sense prevails, and let SIT do its investigation.

By Vijay Dutt



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