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Left should leave its Ostrich Approach

Updated: September 12, 2017 5:41 pm

This is a huge moral victory of nationalists in a so-called leftist bastion where communist brainwashing has been the norm for decades.ABVP is such a powerful force in JNU today that all communist organizations, except AISF, had to form an alliance to defeat ABVP. That three parties have to unite to take on ABVP in a left strong hold tells the true story.

The fact is owing to combination of policies and processes of admissions JNU continue to retain its leftist ‘demographic’ superiority. But its stranglehold is getting progressively diluted. The ABVP has massively improved its position. Whereas it used to garner votes in the range of 250-325 earlier, this year it got over 1050 in President ship. AISA-SFI- had to forge an alliance to meet the ABVP challenge. ABVP has won much councillorship in various schools. The group’s graph is going upwards. With more than 4000 votes together on 4 Central Panel posts in JNUSU, ABVP is the single largest student organization in JNU today.

In the usual Left leaning campus, the ABVP managed to improve its performance showing that if the AISA-SFI-DSF friendly partnership was not in place, they could have secured (more than two, but not a lot of) posts.

The ABVP did especially well in the Science Schools and Special Centers showing that there is atilt towards a rightwing association on campus, especially among science students.” But the Left still refuse to shed its OSTRICH approach and claim clean sweep by bagging all the four office bearers post.

Only58.6 per cent polling was registered in this politically active university. In the polling for the four posts in the Central Panel, as many as 1512 people (who vote) chose NOTA. The United Left candidate won the president’s post by defeating ABVP’s Nidhi Tripathi by 464 votes. Shabana, BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association) polled 935 votes.

The ABVP candidates came second for all of  the four posts. The Left refuse to admit that its winning candidate secured only about 30 per cent of the votes polled while the Modi critics criticize Modi everyday for newly appearing successful (in a battle or contest) in 2014 Lok Sabha polls by securing just 31 per cent vote.

The obsession against the nationalist forces has colonized the leftist mind. It talks only of victory over ABVP forgetting all others. NSUI has gone to the 5th position, behind NOTA in some positions. The candidate sponsored by the party of their hero ex JNUSU President Kanhaiya, the daughter of D Raja, Aprajita Raja was relegated to the lowly 4th position!! But total silence on all others, only ABVP matters. This indicates its growth in the traditional stronghold of the left.

Well-entrenched left has won in JNUSU. They deserve congratulations in retaining what is known to be their forte. But the self-back patting leftists, on way out everywhere else, have gone haywire in ecstasy! It’s being projected as if they have snatched victory from the ABVP!! Was ABVP ever in control of the JNUSU?? Unhinged left is deluding itself into believing it has defeated Modi-Shah duo! What hallucinations??

The sample leftist materials that JNU produced are Karat family, Yechuri and bunch of other pseudo seculars. When the leftists are not able to win a corporations ward despite the presence of these so called stalwarts in Delhi for such a long time, it shows how seriously public has taken them. These parasites should be thrown out of the university and some semblance of sanity to be brought.Leftist is more of separatist and Naxals influence on their ideology is impinging upon the hard-earned taxpayer’s money.

Colleges and universities are for studies and research but the Congress and left parties in the last 70 years has made Indian colleges and Indian universities breeding ground for cadres. These cadres include students and professors who all are hell bent on destroying the education system of India. They never care about how Indian students would get more innovative in their ideas, doing good and standard research. Their only motive is to how to spread their Ideology and corrupt the students’ minds and in order to complete their objective they can go to any extent and destroy the educational environment, which eventually spoil the country.

Media is hands in gloves with these elements and is creating a conducive environment where these elements can prosper and propagate their ideology. It is imperative to ask here that how such university can compare with foreign university. Never have we seen any

Foreign Universities engaging in such useless and derogatory things which ultimately consumes their student’s brain and finally destroys the university and eventually nation.

Is JNU in the Top 2000 Universities of the world as of now? Anyway, with Leftist mindset, JNU may be lucky to be in Top 5000 Universities in the world. From USSR to East Europe to Latin America to West Bengal in India, Leftist Ideology has been consigned to the dustbin of History. By winning by a few hundred votes, how is Leftist relevance in a few hundred acres of campus in Delhi going to have an impact across globe? Pipe dream!!

Rather than theoretical dialogues, the newly elected Leftist Leaders should set a target of taking JNU ranking within Top 100 Universities globally. JNU should generate its own resources (by converting Leftist theoretical ideology to hard currency) and then fund Leftist Ideology/freebies and thought processes. Taxpayers hard earned money should not be wasted to subsidize impractical, utopian Leftist Ideology at JNU. Remember, in Kerala and West Bengal the leftists routinely kill their political opponents, mostly in broad day light even in front of aged parents of their victims. Most of the Maoists in killing spree are the products of their ideology. Marxists believe in power flowing throw the barrel of the guns. Their aim is to make India another N Korea. Until then, like jihadis believe in secularism when in minority, these goons also claim to believe in democracy.

By Vivek Singh

(Asst. Professor, DU)


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