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Learning Netagiri Traits Fast

Updated: November 22, 2014 12:51 pm

The annoying habit of a neta or an actor of being inordinately late at functions is well-known. Netas especially seem to consider keeping people waiting one of the privileges of their being a ‘leader’. The former Army Chief Gen(Retd) V K Singh seems to have learnt the netagiri fast within five months of turning from a disciplined Army man to a politico.

During his long and distinguished career in the Army, Gen Singh strictly observed punctuality which is the hallmark of a disciplined Force. But after becoming a minister, did he lose his sense of time? Well, the fact is he arrived almost two hours late for a meet organized by the RSS in Agra. If he expected a warm welcome, as all netas do, he must have been sorely disappointed.

The RSS is as strict about punctuality as the Army. This the General learnt at some cost. His scheduled address on Security was cancelled and he was made to sit with the invitees, and not with the bigwigs on the dias.

Hopefully the General has learnt that time is valuable for others as well.

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