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Learn English skills anytime, anywhere

Updated: December 16, 2016 11:51 am

In today’s global world, the importance of English language can neither be denied nor ignored as English is one of the most important languages across the globe. As the technology is growing, English is playing a vital role in almost every sector from medical to engineering, from education to agriculture, etc. We cannot find any field where English is not included.

People speak English language wherever they are. From India to Pakistan, from China to Netherland, if you don’t know the native language of a place then English language is the common medium to communicate. So it is a must that one should know English to have a good job. Its important in global market place is very high. As  the popularity of smart phones is increasing, the importance of English language is also increasing. If you want to learn English without any cost and with your ease and priority,  you can learn with your Smartphone. There are many  apps that will help you to learn and speak English, available on play stores.

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Busuu is fun and easy app for learning English by which you can learn a new language by just giving a few minutes a day. This app can be easily downloaded and installed on your device and you can use it wherever and whenever you want. Busuu is much like a community for language learners where you can interactive with other learners like you. This provides comprehensive audio learning material with videos and photos with a lot of lessons for vocabulary practice.



Memrise focuses on learning English by understanding English words first. It gives many interesting and creative ways to understand the meaning of any word so that you can remember it later. It has user deigned interface by which you can interact with other learners that see how they are learning the same things that you are learning in different ways. There are almost 30 lessons ranges from simple to high level. This also gives the ability to keep track what you have learnt.



Duolingo teaches many languages apart from English like Chinese, Russian, polish, Hindi and many more. Duolingo makes the English learning very easy and quick. It provides many lessons and with each lesson you can learn new words on the everyday topics like medicine, education, science etc. With daily practice with Duolingo, you would be able to speak simple English and could read English topics from newspaper or books. It is one of the most recommended apps for English beginners.



FluentU uses the natural scenario so that learners can learn English quickly and easily. It makes use of real videos like news, inspirational talks and commercial news so that you can learn how to speak in the real life. You can easily watch video according to your need with proper caption to make the video more interactive. FluentU keeps track of words that you have learnt and what you are learning and always suggest the examples based on what you have learnt till now.

by Sanjay k bissoyi

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