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Leadership Wisdom

Updated: August 21, 2010 10:47 am

If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams and endeavours to live the life, which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. And this is all the book deals about. Each of us is born into genius, but most of us die amid mediocrity. In this backdrop, the book emphasises that only the mediocre die always at their best. Real leaders are always improving—and raising their bar on how superbly they can perform and how quickly they can move. Therefore, by applying the leadership system the book teaches the readers they will experience the explosive results in their work and help their organisation rise to a whole new level of innovation. The book, which is the result of writer’s sharing a success formula with fortune 500 companies and many of the super-rich, contains eight chapters.

                Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectation unless he or she begins with some wild expectations. Keeping this consideration in mind, the writer has delivered the leadership method through a story. The fable vibrantly depicts hero, Blake Davis, his unforgettable mentor, Tommy Finn, and the four extraordinary teachers, who transform the way he works and lives. The book provides a profound insight into a process that helps you and your organisation break through to a dramatically new level of winning in these wildly uncertain times. It includes how to work with and influence people like a superior, regardless of your position; a method to recognise and then seize opportunities in times of deep change; an instant strategy to build a great team and become a “merchant of wow” with your customers; the real secrets of intense innovation; hard-hitting tactics to become mentally strong and physically tough enough to lead your field, and; real-world ways to defeat stress, build an unbeatable energy, and balance your personal life.

                The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. The writer, however, in one chapter elaborates upon the four natural powers to achieve one’s goal. These powers are: (1) Every one of us alive in this moment has the power to go to work each day and express the absolute best within us. (2) Every one of us has the power to inspire, influence and elevate each person we meet by the gift of a great example. (3) Every one of us can passionately drive positive change in the face of negative conditions. (4) Every one of us alive to the truth about leadership can treat all stakeholders with respect, appreciation and kindness—and in so doing raise the organisation’s culture to best of breed. In another chapter, the writer enumerates ten human regrets. One of these regrets worth mentioning is that you reach your last day full of pain at the realisation that you never took any bold risks and so you never received any bright rewards. Talking about fundamentals of personal leadership, the writer reveals seven fundamentals, which are: Learning, affirmations, visualisation, journaling, goal setting, exercise, and nutrition.

                The characters of the book, however, are products of writer’s overly active imagination, the leadership system, as well as the principles, tools and tactics that it is built upon appear to be very real. In fact, the book is so cogent that the reader will be glued to it till the last page.

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By Ashok Kumar

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