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Law & order prime focus in 2013: UP CM

Updated: April 6, 2013 1:53 pm

Accepting graciously that there is a great need to look into the law and order situation in the state, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav, informed the media that while the first year of his government was used to revamp the state, 2013 is being specially designated as the year when his government will focus its full attention on improving the law and order scenario in Uttar Pradesh. The Chief Minister was addressing the media on the completion of one year of the government at the CM’s official residence on Kalidas Marg.

Asserting that his government is serious and totally committed to giving a clean image to the state he said while much has already been done in this direction in the 365 days, he realises that a lot more has to be done.

“I am aware that just one single incident of crime can wipe out our entire achievements, so we have made detailed plans for modernising the police force, training and equipping them with the latest gadgets. Also it is clear that those officers who do not perform will be punished” said Mr Yadav.

 Akhilesh’s Repartee

■         When a scribe asked the CM about special schemes for potato growing belt, pat came the reply “Yes, Yes, I can understand your concern but let me tell you that there are plans both for potatoes and also for preparing vodka from the crop.

■         A question on tablet distribution was handled with “tablet, kaun see, sardard walee.” (which tablet, one for a headache)

■         When asked if there has been any day during this one year when he had felt that it has been a crown of thorns. Yadav replied with a smile “yes after your question.”

He did not mince words in expressing his discontentment with the law and order situation that he had inherited from the previous Mayawati government. “You can gauge how poor was the law and order situation as even the emergency service number 100 for calling the police was not functional—the reason we found out was the non-payment of dues,” he said.

He said that in the last year a development path was carved out for the state and for formulating policies which would invite investment in the state.

“We have during the last few months directed our efforts in restoring the people’s faith in democracy. The common man can now breathe freely and prosper,” said Mr Yadav.

He said that changing the useless policies of the previous government and trying to bring back democratic principles which had been brutally trampled upon was the biggest challenge faced by his team.

Yadav was all praise for the strides made by his government in area of heath care, education, irrigation and power sector. He said that a highly specialised cancer institute on 100 acres which is coming up in UP will greatly benefit patience from the state who have till now go all the way to Mumbai.

The Chief Minister re-iterated his government’s commitment for the welfare of the minorities and said that there are many schemes in the budget which support the uplift of Muslims in UP.

By Kulsum Mustafa from Lucknow


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