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Last week in Parliament belonged to Smriti

Updated: March 11, 2016 1:18 pm

Last week it was amazing to see Smriti Irani, in her shiny pink sari, facing the irate opposition in the Rajya Sabha, which created so much din that anyone would have cowered down, but Irani did not. She remained standing and gave it back to them with facts and figures. This was the first time that a minister used data and written evidence to substantiate her charges. She showed how Rahul politicised the suicide of the student in Hyderabad.

There were slogans urging followers to rise against the Supreme Court and the President of India. Is it not sedition; is it not treason? She replied one by one charges made by veteran parliamentarians and it made them shut up. She made her point so well that after clamouring for one hour they all shut up.

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