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Language, Language Mr Gandhi!

Updated: April 26, 2014 4:33 pm

As a scion of the Nehru dynasty, one did not expect Rahul Gandhi to use the language he did at a rally at Badol in Chattisgarh, while decrying Narendra Modi. As a political rival Gandhi has the right to criticise Modi as strongly as he likes. But one did not expect him to refer to Modi in a way one would not even while talking about one’s clerk. Some uncultured bosses might talk about their domestic servants in that kind of words but now even they would either talk back or just leave.

Even his father Rajiv Gandhi never used to talk about VP Singh, his biggest enemy, the way Rahul did. Moreover, Modi is thrice elected Chief Minister of Gujarat. Rahul has not only insulted him but the people who elected him three consecutive times. Read the gems from Rahul Gandhi’s speech, “Modi PM banna chahta hai. Uske liye woh kuchh bhi kar dega. Wo tukde tukde kar dega. Ek ko dusre se ladda dega.”

Rahul should learn the language of politics and civility from his cousin Varun, who after his infamous hate speech has been very careful. And Varun is not far from Amethi. He is BJP candidate but has wooed the voters in the name of his father Sanjay who was once MP from there.

“But thereafter (after his hate speech), he has been very careful and has expressed himself within civilised parameters in his speeches as well as writings. To the extent that his election speeches have been reported in newspapers, they have done him credit. He hasn’t used improper language against anyone. He has surely denounced caste and identity politics, but in language no one can object to. Even more significantly, he has never said a critical word about his tai (father’s elder brother’s wife) and bhai (what all Indians call their male cousins). He also told his audiences in Sultanpur that he would not visit Amethi until after the elections,” noted Inder Malhotra.

It is obvious that Rahul is either frustrated to the point that he cannot but lower himself to be abusive and if possible use even worse invectives or even pass the buck of Congress losing badly to anyone else. How sad! He might leave in a hurry. Having tasted power, money would not satisfy him.

Sonia’s Imam Card Ricochets

It was supposed to be a triumphant deal, after a ‘secret’ meeting between Sonia Gandhi and Imam Bukhari. But the moment his appeal to Muslims to vote for the Congress came out several imams across the country questioned his right to direct all Muslims. One irate imam in eastern UP said he just happens to be in Delhi so he remains in prominence. Otherwise, he is no one to claim that he is over all of us or that he represents Muslims of India. Even Dr Mufti Mohammad Mokarram Ahmed, the Shahi Imam of the Fatehpuri Mosque in the old city, clarified that he did not endorse the opinion of the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari. He said that Muslims should vote for any secular party even if it was small or any Independent who could uphold the principles of secularism in this country. This acidic denial of Bukhari’s directive to vote for Congress could possibly not have been made but for Bukhari’s directive, So what did Mrs Gandhi achieve?

Syed Ahmed Bukhari’s younger brother, Syed Yahya Bukhari, started hopping from one TV studio to another and came out with all guns blazing at his elder brother. He openly ridiculed his elder brother’s call to Muslims to support the Sonia-led Congress–a severe setback to the great move by Sonia! Another imam and scholar said that every candidate put up by any political party is not the same and different issues exist in different areas. “So how can one back only one political party when there are so many others in different parties who can do a better job for the community?” In fact, in India a fast developing and globalising society has affected even Muslims as well. Even if they are poor, they watch TV and they see changing fashions, listen to and watch stories of many rags to riches. It has led to most amazing series of changes not only in the Indian society but also among different communities as well. For instance, in almost all villages, some of which might not have good accessible roads, facilities for eye-brow threading are available. They charge from Rs10 to Rs20. Could one imagine 30 years ago of one’s domestic maid getting her eye-brows threaded?

Voters are educated even if they can’t speak in English. They watch and listen to scandals, corruption, ministers being jailed along with plans for welfare schemes and modernisation in agricultural sectors. Many Muslims too are educated, are foreign-returned and prone to form their own views. They decide which party would be good for them. For example, one very senior Muslim IPS officer said that 85 per cent of Shia votes could go to the BJP because of its development plank.

The Muslim women through their veils know from the TV and family members what is happening. They too form their own views. Imam of Bukhari might be listened to know by a handful of his followers who live around Jama Masjid. Imam Bukhari otherwise would fail to persuade Muslims to vote for a single organisation. Most Muslim families now tend to study and choose on their own as to which party’s candidate to vote. One cleric said, “They should be able to choose from the candidates seeking election and since majority Hindus are secular, it would not be difficult to make up their minds.”

In fact, even in Hindus there would be a debate between the majority and a few thousand left, extreme liberals and self-proclaimed intellectuals over secularism and development. This is the debate surrounding Modi. But his party’s manifesto promises comprehensive development in all sectors. It would satisfy many opponents of Modi. Only Teestas, Bhatts, and Sharmas won’t agree but they might be away into jails for quite some time.

The meeting between Mrs Gandhi and Imam Bukhari has resulted only in majority of imams across the country to vote for any other party than Congress. There is an old saying that when luck has deserted, every move leads to disaster. A warning to Mrs Gandhi!

Azam’s Kargil Card

The powerful but high-tempered Akhilesh Yadav’s minister (or in realty it is other way) Azam Khan is known for his intemperate language and sudden outbursts of strange theories. But now he has excelled himself. A few days ago, he said that in freeing Kargil from intruding Pakistan Army it is the Muslim officers and jawans who lost their lives. He blamed the media for suppressing this fact.

What was his purpose? There is always method in his madness. Sources say that he knows that the bulk of retired Army officers and jawans are with the BJP. He wants to attract two or three per cent of Muslims in the Army. But he would not succeed, say serving Generals. One of them said fortunately, the Army, despite politicians luring them, has remained apolitical or undivided on religious grounds.

 Kejriwal’s Slapgate Sham Or Reality

How much the credibility of AAP’s leader ArvindKejriwal has fallen! The poor chap has been slapped five times, and that too in public. But most discussions in drawing rooms, clubs and public transport is over whether the slapping was a plan for both publicity and pity. He has been discredited so much by his own party men, who have been leaving him in hordes that suddenly he has been looking into abyss. He needed a lift. And possibly his strategists decided getting him slapped was a good idea.

Now the way it has ended leads one to believe the scheme theory. After the fifth slap, Kejriwal went to Rajghat and ruminated there. Enlightened he took a single rose to the fifth slapper. He was forgiven and then it followed that all slappers were converted.

All this reminded us of Sanjay Dutt’s movie Munna Bhai series. Very filmy indeed!

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