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Lalu-style Politics Modi-Fied

Updated: August 10, 2017 5:17 pm


The country is celebrating 70th year of Independence. It has become a ritual to remember our great struggle for Independence and express our gratitude to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for Bharat Mata. It has been our tradition since ages to inspire our future generations to infuse a sense of patriotism and nationalism into them. Most of the new generations and the students of private schools are slowly forgetting our proud history, our rich culture, ethos and traditions. Most of the children now read those books that distort our proud history and defame the Indian heroes. India has a culture of respecting and protecting all religions. We don’t believe in selfish life, and self-less growth has always been our strength. Our leaders always sacrificed their life for the growth of our nation. Slave mentality, divisive culture and alien attitude were enforced on us by the traitors, who ruled us. They destroyed our social beliefs, honesty and integrity, and taught our people to involve in immoral acts, and thereby disobey the social principles that have united us all, for living as a righteous nation.

Seventy years have gone by since Independence in 1947, but corrupt and sick mentality still lies in our democracy. The Congress party that ruled the nation for over fifty years had a disgracing history of many corrupt leaders, who looted our treasury, and what is ignominious is the fact that the Gandhi family is also equally involved in nationalising corruption. The Bofors issue is still haunting the Gandhis; Vadhra’s business empire is under the scanner of investigating agencies. One can write reams of papers on corrupt politicians and traitors of our country. The Congress leads the team. The latest popular corrupt politician is named as Lalu Prasad, who has enjoyed his political life as former Chief Minister of Bihar and former Union Railway Minister. When he was ruling Bihar, he never cared for any rules & regulations and this is wide open now that he had institutionalised corruption in the system for his own family and the RJD. Now as a father, he is teaching his grown-up children how to earn more money through corrupt practices and preserve the benami properties. What a shame! Even after spending time in jail in Ranchi in a corruption case, Lalu Prasad is still defending his immoral act and playing the dirty politics. The most unfortunate part is that he would be the only celebrating political leader of our country who shamelessly and openly tells his children to follow the path of immorality! In India, a father can never do this to his own family. Because, our Shastras teach us: “Pitru devoh bhavah”, (Follow your father). A father has always been a sacred figure and has always been morally a very high character for his children to follow. Despite Lalu being involved in neck deep corruption, the people of Bihar gave a huge mandate to Lalu’s RJD in last Assembly elections.

Lalu is, of course, a strange and funny politician of his times. He knows the art of how to speak, what to speak and when to hit. He speaks typical local colloquial language in style before the public. He wears typical Bihari kurta or baniyan and he enjoys Bihari food like chuda and dahi while being with masses, as his intention happens to grab the attention of the media. Sometimes, Lalu along with his wife Rabri Devi would be clicking pictures with cows, and would be enjoying Holi with public in a typical traditional style. Lalu clearly understands the psyche of the common man and that is the reason he survived his whole political life as a charming politician. But those days are gone and now the voters have become more judicious and change their minds more frequently while choosing their political representatives. Caste politics, dynasty politics and divisive politics have taken the back seat, as the voters are well informed now. The digital media has made the voters more powerful. One may be a powerful politician or a party, but one has to be very careful now as people are watching whether one is: A party with a difference or with differences. Once the Congress government used to be charged with misusing the Central investigating agencies for attaining political gains, now the BJP-led NDA is accused of the same charge. The card of caste politics of Congress, RJD and other regional parties is now played by all political parties. The ‘secular politics’, under which some politicians were untouchable, is now playing the same so-called communal politics. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all to see to it whether the ruling establishment adheres to the ‘Raj Dharma’, the word that was coined by great statesman and former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

Deepak Kumar Rath


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