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Lalu’ s speech is lullaby for some

Updated: November 17, 2016 11:10 am

Lalu Yadav is known for his rustic humour in his speeches, which are highly entertaining for his audiences. But in recent months, he has become boring. His obsessive hatred against Narendra Modi has made him forget all his humour. Venom and wit don’t go together.

At the Samajwadi Party’s Silver Jubilee Celebration, he was star among all the leaders who came from other parties. So long he praised Akhilesh and forecast victory for the SP, he had the attention of the crowd, but the moment he switched to criticising Modi, one could hear the noise of the people talking. Many left to return after his speech.

If he continues like this, his speeches will become lullaby. The opposition will lose a strong campaigner.

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