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Lalu ‘lull’

Updated: December 25, 2010 10:23 am

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav is too much shocked and still in a trauma. His depression can be seen in his disappearance from the Parliament. He came to Delhi but avoided to appear in the Parliament.

It is said that now Congress has denied him to offer a seat in the front row in the Parliament. He also met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on this issue. Recently, he avoided the photo session of all the MPs too. It is said that he was not offered a prominent seat in the seating arrangement.

‘Prime’ Deal

It seems that the UPA government may give its nod for constituting the JPC. The main problem in constituting the JPC was that the Opposition was so obdurate to drag the PM too in the probe. But it is said that the Opposition is now prepared not to cling on to PM’s name in the probe and the government is almost ready for the JPC now. One minister was heard as saying that there would be seven members in the JPC—three from UPA, two from NDA, and one each from BSP and Left parties. It means that there will be no member from SP, DMK, TMC, etc.


The marriage of Nitin Gadkari’s son is over now. It was one of the ostentatious wedding ceremonies ever organised by any political leader. He invited all the MPs MLAs and office-bearers at state level, and the entire Nagpur city. It is to be noted that on the second day of the ceremony, when the senior leaders of the party were wishing the newly wed couple, many senior BJP leaders like, Arun Jaitely, Sushma Swaraj, etc, were on the stage, Nitin Gadakari was noticed touching feet of ex-president Rajnath Singh.

Rahul’s Talent Hunt

It may be a warning call for all the political parties other than Congress. General Secretary of Congress Rahul Gandhi’s talent hunt is now not confined to his party only. He is now looking for the young political talents in other parties too and he has started wooing them. His fresh target is Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo who is a BJD MP from Bolangir. It is heard in the political circles that he may leave BJD and join Congress soon.

Marriage Diplomacy

The marriage of Nitin Gadkari’s son was too much in news that another marriage was all but overlooked. It was the marriage of BJP spokesperson Rajeev Pratap Rudi’s niece. Apart from the senior BJP leaders like LK Advani many important Congress persons were seen in the marriage, such as Pranab Mukharjee, Mira Kumar, etc. Above all, Rahul Gandhi was also present to wish the newly wed couple. It is said that the deal that the Opposition will not drag PM in the JPC was also fixed there.

                Najma Heptulla, national vice president of BJP, was also present on the occasion. Advani’s son Jayant asked her to accompany him while returning. She told him that she had a car and she had to go somewhere. Pratibha Advani, daughter of Lal Krishna Advani, said that don’t worry, she would definitely come with them. Najma commented with a laugh that whenever she leaves her home to go anywhere and if her mind get distracted for a moment, her car automatically reaches to their house, i.e. Advani’s house, 30, Prithviraj Road.

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