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Lalit Word Banned…

Updated: August 7, 2015 5:32 am

However much, someone may be in fear or be in pain, pranksters know no constraint in making a joke out of the situation. The latest we heard was that some heartless fellow rang up Sushma Swaraj on her personal mobile and said, Hi this is Lalit. Hearing the word Lalit, the lady froze and then in panic she dropped her latest I-Phone 6. She, prankster informs, needed a restorative.

The other joke doing the rounds is that a similar call was made to Vasundhara Raje But being a royalty she has the guts to stand up to such situations. Instead of panicking she asked Lalit who? This Lalit then cut off. Scindia smiled. One to ED, she said to herself. They are novices. Quite! Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje for whose blood Sonia-led Congress and Commies are baying for are safe for some time at least. It is due to these blood-thirsty ones that has given them the security net.

Narendra Modi is not the kind to yield to pressure. And if the Sonia tactic is to use this during Bihar election she is in for major surprise. By then at least two or three of her stalwarts would be in dock on more solid charges. Presently, Modi is letting their stamina and patience wear out. He is shrewd enough to know when it would be best for him and the party to get the ladies packing.

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