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Lakhimpur Violence Blown Out of Proportion : Hypocrisy of Human Rights Organisations Gets Exposed

By Amba Charan Vashishth
Updated: November 1, 2021 4:35 pm

As a matter of fact, it should be the duty of all political organizations, including the ruling party in states and at the Centre, to douse the flames of violence, crime, rape and murder occurring in any part of the country lest it engulfs other parts of the country. On the contrary, they indulge in blowing these local incidents out of proportions with ulterior political and electoral objectives. The Lakhimpur Kheri (UP) is the latest instance. This is because general elections to the state assembly are only a few months away. Should political parties play with deaths and blood on the chessboard of narrow political gains? That remains the question.


Eight persons die in village Lakhimpur Kheri of UP in a clash between the agitating farmers and others. Recently two cases of merciless beating to death of dalit youth at Hanumangarh and at other places in Rajasthan are reported. At the Singhu border a dalit Punjab youth is lynched.  A number of rape cases are reported in MP, Rajasthan and elsewhere.

A Congress woman in Madhya Pradesh alleges that she had been raped by the son of a Congress legislator and that she had been running from pillar to post to seek justice for the last over six months.

During the last three weeks of October 2021 a number of killings of innocent Hindu civilians have taken place in Jammu & Kashmir. There have been large-scale non-Muslim killings and destruction of Hindu places of worship in Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

But the human rights organizations or activists, the ‘secular-liberal’ intelligentsia or a section of the media, seem to have gone blind, deaf and dumb to these criminal and terrorist activities.  Even otherwise, their response is never objective, but always subjective. They apply different and discriminatory standards for similar incidents of crime.

These latest incidents do not seem to be sharp enough to pierce the conscience of these elite human rights individuals and organizations to make their mouths open up to the innocent killings. This has exposed their hypocrisy and made their boasts a laughing stock of the people.

The brother-sister Congress duo of Rahul Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra had been making great efforts to create a façade of sympathy with the rape victims and their families in non-Congress ruled states. Why have they not done the same when similar crimes take place in their own Congress-ruled states? This conduct smacks of pettiness and exposes their anxiety being nothing else but an effort to squeeze political advantage out of the misery of the people.

It goes to the credit of the present political culture in the country to try to blast local incidents and issues out of proportion to turn these into national issues for narrow   selfish political/electoral gains.

Take the case of   Lakhimpur (UP) killings. The local farmers were protesting against the visit of the Union Minister for Home Affairs to his home/constituency. All the farmers were local people. They had as much the right to protest as had the Union Minister to be at his home in the village. Therefore, it was a clash of rights between the two sections of the people in the same village. Whose rights were superior remains an unanswered question. If the protest turned violent and eight deaths took place these again were confined to the same village.

The Lakhimpur incident stood almost settled with the UP government declaring that bereaved families of each of those killed would be granted ₹45 lakhs and a government job. A judicial enquiry was to be held with a retired high court judge. The case was to be investigated and guilty punished expeditiously.  But now it is not the local farmers but those sitting at the borders of Delhi who are now calling the shots in the incident.

It is politics which could not allow this incident to settle at that because elections to the UP state assembly were round the corner. So the matter was blown out of proportion. Panjab and Chhattisgarh chief ministers came running in their government planes saying that the compensation granted to the families of victims was inadequate. Both the CMs gave, from their public exchequer, ₹50 lakh each to the four farmers and a journalist. Families of the rest of the three were not given anything because they were reported to be BJP workers. Obviously it was an inhuman act of discrimination on political considerations. Here again, the ‘liberal-secular’ intelligentsia and a section of the media kept themselves hidden in the dark corners of their houses to feign that they at that time had not seen any evil.

Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu and Uttarakhand Congress President with a sizeable number of supporters lost no time to throng the Lakhimpur village to express their solidarity in this hour of grief. It is interesting to note that along with UP elections to Panjab and Uttarakhand state assemblies will be held simultaneously in early months of next year.

The two doyens of the Congress family, Rahulji Gandhi and Priyankaji Gandhi-Vadra, had been at pains to visit the bereaved families of rape and murder victims in NDA-ruled states but never to the similar victims in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and elsewhere. On the post-poll killings and violence in West Bengal too they had maintained a stoic silence.  Their conduct gives the impression as if the victimized families in these states were not in pain and grief.

Not only that. A young person from Taran Taran in Panjab was found lynched, one of his arms and legs cut away and his profusely bleeding body hung by a barricade on Singhu border leading to the national capital Delhi where farmers’ unions are sitting in protest. But this ghastly crime seems to have dried the tears of human rights organizations and the protesting farmers. The Panjab chief minister is yet to feel sad and find time to rush with liberal financial aid to the family of the youth who have lost their bread-earner.

Some accusations are being hurled at the lynched youth. Whatever it is, it is the duty of the police to investigate the crime and the courts to punish the guilty. None had the right to lynch the youth the way they did. It is a Talibani type of justice.

The inhuman side of the farmers agitating at the Delhi borders has got exposed further by the leaders suspending one of their leaders, Yogendra Yadav, for his ‘crime’ to visit a BJP worker’s house in Lakhimpur slain in the clash that took place in the village resulting in eight deaths.

This is the sad story of the conduct of the human rights organizations, ‘liberal-secular’ intelligentsia, a section of the media and the farmers agitating at Delhi borders.


By Amba Charan Vashishth

(The writer is a Delhi based political analyst and commentator.)

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