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KV Singhdeo, A BJD Minister?

Updated: October 13, 2012 5:07 pm

In a surprise move, the BJD government of Odisha recently issued an order, in which BJP MLA KV Singhdeo was described as “Hon’ble Minister”. The Order NO PROT-RA-0044-12 37745/Res., is duly signed by Under Secretary of Home Department. Astonishingly, the Order was released when the National Executive Meeting of BJP was going on at Surajkund, Haryana. So all the important leaders of the BJP—whether they be of state level or of the national level—were at the National Executive Meeting in Surajkund. And BJP’s leader of Odisha were also there, prominent among them being BB Harichandan, Manmohan Samal and KV Singhdeo. Here it is worth mentioning that BB Harichandan and Manmohan Samal, being ex-ministers, were provided lodging in more high-profile Odisha Niwas, New Delhi, whereas KV Singhdeo was provided lodging in Odisha Bhawan, New Delhi. There too, while BB Harichandan and Samal were charged Rs 250 each per day, KV Singhdeo was charged only Rs 45 per day—all because of the fact that Mr Singhdeo was mentioned “Hon’ble Minister” in the government’s office order.

Here it is noteworthy that KV Singhdeo was the BJP Legislative Party leader in assembly. The BJP has only seven MLAs. But he quit the post in the last session of the assembly. Recently, there was a rumour that Mr Singhdeo would also leave the BJP and join the BJD, where he would be inducted in the Cabinet. According to sources, some senior BJD ministers were also in touch with Mr Singhdeo.

Furthermore, Mr Singhdeo does not have good relations with BJP State President Jual Oram. And also Mr Singhdeo is one of the aspiring candidates to be the State BJP President in the coming state party organisational election.

So the above development presents a blurry picture.

(Uday India Bureau)

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