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Kuchh Toh Bachao

Updated: April 25, 2015 12:48 pm

INDIRA LAO, desh bachao. That was once upon a time. Sonia lao, desh bachao. This also is now sliding into the past. Priyanka lao, desh bachao. This was once loud, but is now mute, because she is now busy bachaoing hubby Bobby Vadra. So now we come to today’s “in” thing—the call ‘Rahul lao, at least Congress bachao. But from where? From where to bring Baba back to the bachaoing business? Alas, nobody knows. But everybody wants to know. The other day a newspaper went round, asking every Congress leader and leaderette it met—where is he? Their answer was unanimous—they don’t know.

This is serious. If the poor dear does not rush to the rescue of the party of the poor, whom could poor Congress leaders follow? Why, there are actually people who maliciously murmur his absence makes no difference because his presence makes no difference. There are others, including editors who Express the opinion that he should transform his temporary leave into permanent leave, as he is not cut out for political leadership. That, of course, is a horrid heresy. How can a Gandhi be anything but a leader? So please, Baba, please come home. All is forgiven. Your parliamentary constituency has put up “Missing MP” posters. As for the parliament, it is anxiously waiting for your usual absence.

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