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Kishore Babu It’s Bharat!

Updated: January 7, 2012 3:32 pm

Though the political parties have created different cells for different sections of society, it is observed that its leaders are still blind to the ground realities. Recently ST women cell of Congress organised a seminar in Delhi. One of the main speakers was senior Congress leader KC Deo, Union Tribal Affairs Minister, and he began his discourse in English. When English went over the heads the tribal women workers left the place and started to walk here and there. But when the next speaker started his speech in Hindi, all the women workers returned.

Mind It Manish! It’s Anna

It seems that Anna jinx is still haunting the Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari. He tasted bitter experiences of attacking Anna Hazare and had almost left without commenting on him and his Lokpal movement both. Recently during a press conference when he was asked about the Anna’s movement, he tried to save himself by not giving any direct answer, he simply parried the question, rose and scampered off. But the journalists in hot pursuit didn’t spare him and asked him relentlessly the same question but he stayed mum. It was seen whenever he was asked this question he simply ducked this bouncer. After it was repeated many times he said that personally he was totally against the concept of this Lokpal thing but to stay out of the mess chose to be silent.

Virus In Pc

All eyes seem to be staring hard in the face of PC. It was said that BJP had planned to attack the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in the Parliament from day one but it seems that there is something managed inside. When the Opposition was attacking HM in Rajya Sabha during the question hour, the leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley was seen absent. Many aggressive BJP MPs were still attacking the HM and the deputy leader of the Opposition SS Ahluwalia instead of leading them, was trying to calm them down. Later, it was seen that having been failed in calming down the MPs, Ahluwalia too left the House. It was really an awkward position for the BJP that during the question hour and while attacking the HM its both leaders were not present in the House.

Manohar Kahani

Despite all those tall claims about the national integrity to be the prime motive of the political process, it is evident that regionalism still dominates our political leaders. This came to light in the Parliament when the issue of the Marathi people living in the border districts of Karnatka was raised in the House. An ally of NDA Shiv Sena too joined the chorus. And not only its one of the most senior leaders and former speaker of Lok Sabha Manohar Joshi flew into a rage but also forgot all the norms and went to the well and started shouting. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha reminded him that he was a former speaker of the House and at least he should not act like this but he did not care to listen.

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