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Kill The Chill With Style

Updated: February 7, 2015 9:00 am

Bone-chilling winter is here and the markets are abuzz with shoppers looking for a perfect winter wear that is warm and fashionable at the same time. Many will agree that fashion and winters are not compatible. Not many can flaunt their glittering necklace or ravishing earrings or a trendy dress. Fashionistas find it really hard to keep pace with the winter chill. But one can surely break the dullness and gloom of the weather by slipping into a colorful sweater or throwing a patterned coat in a stylish way. So here are the different snazzy winter outfits that you can try this season and strike a glamorous note.


Braving the cold with this corporate styled, head to toe tailored tuxedo is a unique way to give a sparkling impression. It looks majestic, classy and grandiose. Due to its smooth texture and black hue, Tuxedos are a sure shot success to a gorgeous look.


A great contrast can be set against this snowy white weather with the voluminous and chunky black Turtleneck sweater. This is an excellent wear for an extremely cold day.



A real show stopper of the winter wear range is the ever-famous statement coat that comes in different varieties. A statement coat with chic plaid print is eye catching that makes an effortless style statement. A classic sleek, knee-length belted trench coat is an amazing way to look elegant and feminish.



Fighting the cold couldn’t have been better than by wearing a winter-white sweater that is inspired by Malia Obama. Malia—daughter of Michelle and Barack Obama—who dazzeled all with her serene yet stylish sweater at the White House holiday celebrations. It is a boxy cable knit sweater that can amp up your appearance with its striking balance between dressy and casual look.


It is a warm quilted and padded jacket which gives a sophisticated look with its glossy texture. It is a perfect protective shield for this freezing winter.

By Madhumanti Das

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