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Key To Greatest Power

Updated: July 24, 2010 1:35 pm

This book is short, to the point, but theoretical in nature. The writers have elucidated the path as to how to become a mental millionaire in 20 chapters. In the first chapter, the writers suggest that the first step in becoming a mental millionaire, in learning to take every trick in the game of life, is to watch your mental pictures. “Think of yourself as a successful person and immediately your mind sees a picture of yourself being successful.” Having confidence in your own personal ability to achieve your definite major purpose in life has been given immense significance by the authors. If you cower in a corner sucking your emotional thumb, you will never experience success. This is a cinch, and so critical to one’s understanding that the author gives several illustrative examples, which cause to reflect on the concept of self-confidence. The book delivers a profound message on psychology. Our mind power is very strong. What we believe, backed by faith, is manifested in our lives. This is both good and bad. When our belief system is one of right thinking backed by faith, positive results materialise in our life. Conversely, when our belief system is one of wrong thinking backed by faith, negative results materialise in our life. Hence, one’s greatest power is that let us choose to believe that something good can happen, then why must we always use the old model—that something bad will happen?

            The world starts getting better the very minute we choose to make it better. In this backdrop, while dealing with the psychology of trouble, the book looks trouble directly in its face for what it really is—a lesson to be learned. These lessons may not be personal lessons but rather societal lessons or even cultural lessons. Trouble created in our world is always the result of wrong thinking. As we grow in understanding, and allow right thinking through the selection and maintenance of good to prevail, our troubles will diminish. Significantly, the book suggests that there are five areas we must understand and address during one’s journey to become a mental millionaire, which are: you, others, God, money, and sex. The book emphasises that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Learn to see both sides of your reality so that you can understand more fully why we are here and how we operate. In fact, the last lesson is as powerful as the very first lesson on imaging our dream as vivid mental pictures. Seeing our dream fulfilled in our mind’s eye is the best way to imprint it on our subconscious mind for progression toward fulfillment in real time. Then letting it go and letting God by placing yourself under grace is the very next step. After you have done all you can do to bring about your objective; when you feel are comfortable that you have given it your best shot, and know that doing anything else would simply be redundant, then is the time to let go and let God. This letting go attests to the power and glory that you give to infinite intelligence. In a nutshell, the book brings to us knowledge first, understanding second, and application third. This process guarantees success in any endeavour as long as you are consistent and persistent in your approach.

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By Ashok Kumar

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