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Key To A Successful Life

Updated: March 20, 2010 11:52 am

Making life worth living is like giving it a proper shape. Just like an artist carves out a beautiful shape out of a rock, we can find our real form by regularly removing the various defects hidden inside us. The process to explore the infinite possibilities of the self is called “Saad purusharth” i.e. good actions. We do not have enough confidence in our own capabilities, which is why we make no efforts to bring them out. Once we believe in our own self, we will work harder to bring out the best in us. Instead of leading a life of a beggar, we should try to live like a king by exploring the possibilities hidden inside us.

            Once there was a poor man. He used to beg sitting on the roadside. People would contribute out of sympathy. His life passed away in begging and he died. Ten-fifteen men did his cremation any way. The place, where he used to sit for begging, was very untidy. While sweeping the place, people felt something beneath the earth. After digging, there they found a pitcher filled with gold coins, sitting upon which the poor man begged through out his life.

            To fulfill our desires, we make our lives miserable. If we reduce our desires, our problems will decrease. Conquering desires is our “Saad purusharth.”

            Which desire should be fulfilled? The desire, which is within our capability, should be fulfilled. The dreams, which are not grounded in reality, should not be nurtured and run after. This leads to frustration. Many of our ambitions are beyond our capabilities, but we do crave for them and try our best to materialise them. Some of the desires are merely the craving of our mind and not our stomach. To appease all the demands of the mind is the most difficult thing in life.

            A content person is satisfied, but a man whose mind is craving constantly, can never be satisfied. Should we not crave for desires that make our life better instead of craving for only materialistic desires ? This is a kind of meditation. If we bring meditation in this form in our life, then nothing is impossible for us.

            A man meditated for twelve years. After twelve years of meditation, Guruji asked him what he had achieved.

            The disciple said that he had the power to walk on water.

            The Guru replied that his meditation was of no use. When asked the reason, the guru replied that the same could be done by a boatman for very little money. He declared that the student had wasted 12 years of his life in trying to achieve what another man could make him do for a small sum of money.

            The Acharyas wrote- “Karmakshayatham tapyte iti tapas” It means-To neutralize the effect of karmas, to get rid of evil thoughts and desires that have crept into our life unknowingly, and to make our perspective clear-we should meditate. If we meditate with this aim, it is relevant; otherwise it can neither improve our life nor provide us with any message.

            Acharya Shubhchander and Bhatrhari were brothers of a king. Shubhchander became a saint and Bhatrhari meditated . Bharthari meditated and invented a pitcher of chemicals, which when poured over iron, would convert it into gold. One day he got information that his elder brother Shubhchander was leading a difficult life as a naked fakir.

            A man living in luxuries and sensual pleasures considers a fakir as a poverty-stricken and in misery. Bhartrhari felt the same for Shubhchander. He sent a pitcher half filled with chemicals to him through his disciples so that he could use it and get rich.

            The pupils reached with chemicals and gave them to Shubhchander, who said, “These are of no use to me. Throw it into dust.” The disciples thought that he had probably lost his rationality.

            If someone limits his desires and lives a content life, he is thought to be an unambitious person and is looked down upon. Today, better life means running in the rat race, a blind race, then stumbling and falling down, leaving for others all that you have earned. The pupils went back and told Bhartrhari the situation and he thought his brother is not able to think rationally.

            Bhartrhari took some chemicals and decided to visit his brother himself. Shubhchander on seeing his brother said, ”What have you brought? Have you come so far for this? Was there some paucity of gold and silver at home that you left home and acquired this power?”

            Bhartrhari realised that his brother was not thinking right.

            Shubchander made his pupils pour the remaining chemical on the Earth. Bhartrhari became very sad as he had invented the chemicals after a lot of meditation and hard work. Bhartrhari, being the younger brother, could not say much but asked, ”What power have you attained that you have wasted this chemical”?

            ”Want to know what I have got?” Shubhchander asked. He took a pinch of dust and threw it on the nearby mountain. The whole mountain turned into gold. He said, “Take it and put it into your treasury.”

            The truth is that a self-confident and hardworking man is not deviated from his path by any obstacle. An aim is achieved only when sacrifices are made. Go ahead on the path of life with determination. Life is not that cheap or worthless to be wasted away in the pursuits of materialistic desires. Try to make your life meaningful and idealistic.

            Philip Books says that each individual dreams of his complete life at least once in his lifetime. It is human nature to have goals and desires. The need of the hour is to work towards it with strong determination and hard work.

By Gani Rajinder Vijay

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