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Kerala On Islamic Powder Keg?

Updated: July 31, 2010 1:25 pm

God’s own country, Kerala, is now turning into a terror factory with the Islamic fundamentalist organisation, Popular Front ruling the roost.
Kerala has been witnessing unruly scenes after the Islamic fundamentalists under the leadership of Popular Front of India chopped off the right palm of a Malayalam professor of Newman’s College, Thodupuzha, one of the oldest and reputed colleges of the state. The ghastly incident occurred on July 4, after Prof Joseph along with his eighty-eight-year-old mother and his sister—who is a nun in New Zealand—was returning home after the Sunday mass at Nirmalamatha church near to his home in Muvattupuzha.
According to his sister and mother, he was dragged out of the car which he was driving and forced to lie down while his right palm was chopped off and he suffered serious injuries in his leg and back. His chopped palm was thrown off to a nearby plot. The Islamists escaped after jihad cries.
The professor was on suspension from the college for setting a question paper to second-year students of his college in which there was a reference to one Mohammed, which was taken by the Islamists as a derogatory remark on Prophet Mohammed. Prof Joseph was arrested and remanded to judicial custody. Both Joseph and his college management had rendered profuse apologies to the society on the incident. This incident occurred five months back and the Islamists had destroyed everything which was available on their hands and in the melee they had even attacked a Hindu temple.
Highly-placed sources in the central agencies told this correspondent that the Islamists under the leadership of the Popular Front of India had acted to do this ghastly act after this was sentenced by a Taliban court, Darul Quada, which is functioning from Erattupetta in Kottayam district. The Islamists are now resorting to Darul Quada for
all the disputes to be settled between Muslims and this despicable act, according to sources, was done at the behest of the Popular Front. One Easa Moulavi headed the Islamic court or Darul Quada and, according to information conveyed by the police authorities, the Islamists have been trying to carry out a similar attack on the principal of the institution.
Of late, there have been several such incidents in which the Islamists led by the Popular Front of India have been showing their true colours. One such incident is the mafta controversy in which the Islamists are brining out specific issues in educational institutions run by the Church and other non-Muslim managements and make a controversy that the management of schools are not allowing Muslim girls, the conventional mafta or headscarf.
An Arabic teacher at Sacred Heart School in Edarikkode, Malappuram district was coming to school wearing a mafta when the principal of the institute Sister Tessy Anto jokingly asked the teacher, Rabiya, whether she could put the two ends of the mafta on two shoulders which could be more beautiful. This was not taken in the right sense by the teacher and she created a scene in the staff room. Coming to know of this, the principal called upon the teacher and profusely apologised on her act.
The Arabic teacher after a few months of teaching at Sacred Heart school got a better job nearer to her home and quit her job from Sacred Heart School. She was given a grand send-off at the behest of the principal. A few days after leaving the school the teacher tried to make the mafta issue a major one and posters started appearing in and around Edarikkode in Malappuram and the Popular Front activists took charge of the issue. They barged into the principal’s office and threatened her of dire consequences if she does not leave that school. The Popular Front activists gave June 30 as the deadline for the principal to demit the office and warned that she would be burnt to death if she did not quit. When asked, the school authorities told this correspondent that the principal is continuing in office as the Popular Front is now on the back foot following the arm-chopping incident and does not want to risk doing another such act.
The Popular Front is now facing a ban on its activities and going by the mood in the CPI-M camp, it seems that a ban is inevitable. The CPI-M state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan while speaking to mediapersons said that the Popular Front is creating communal divide in the society and that it has to be opposed to any extent. This statement from the top leader of the party is considered by political observers a direct indication on what is in store for the Popular Front.
Several intelligence reports show that the Popular Front is an organisation which is spreading communal hatred among the people of the state and there are also reports on its various activities including the silent support to Love Jihad.
The Popular Front received a major setback a couple of months before when its mouthpiece, Thejas was banned by the state government public relations department and was blacklisted from the list of publications which are given government advertisements. Sources in the public relations department told this correspondent that the ban on government advertisements was a sequel to an intelligence report given by the central agencies.
Police are now conducting massive raids in and around the state and several lethal weapons and explosives have been recovered from these offices. Even during a raid at the state office of the Popular Front police seized several CDs and documents highlighting religious conversion. There were criticisms in Kerala on the manner in which Love Jihad was being used to woo girls and women belonging to other religions and to convert them to Islam and the involvement of Popular Front. Police sources told this correspondent that several CDs seized were of compromising positions and it is suspected that the women were those who were trapped by Love Jihad.
With the tentacles of terror and Islamic fundamentalism reaching the shores of Kerala, the state police has decided to start a special squad to deal with terror. How much this new squad will be able to do without political interference is a million dollar question, the answer to which only time can provide.

By Reshmi Padma from Thiruvananthapuram

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