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Kejriwal: A Political Terrorist Against Modi

Updated: June 5, 2015 8:36 pm

In 100 days of Kejriwal government, each day has caused a sense of constitutional anxiety among the aware people. Each day has been marked by confrontation with anarchic portends. Each day Kejriwal has spent in consolidating all the powers, first within the party, and then vis-à-vis the central government

Kejriwal’s split personality is shared by very few in his party, the chief being Manish Sisodia , as both were simultaneously groomed for this role in destabilizing India by floating NGOs for their political promotion. India saw Kejriwal with  torn shirts when he was making transition from activist to politician, and in the same period India saw him travelling Executive Class when travelling abroad to meet his puppeteers. Very few Indians can get as corrupt as him because most of them owe nothing to external powers. Some of them may be in the business of graft, but they are not so deprave as to destabilise the country at the behest of external powers.

In my previous articles, I have repeatedly said that Arvind Kejriwal is a political terrorist. He was prepared for this role by powers that have perfected the art of influencing the politics of a target country by using the vectors of corruption, RTI, environment and activism. I had also established the linkage between Magsaysay Award, Ford Foundation through declassified CIA documents.

I had also established the link between Kejriwal’s Kabir Foundation /Sampoorna Parivartan and the $80,000 that he received in the year 2002 to start his project. What makes this funding to Kejriwal a criminal activity is the fact that he in 2002 was still a government servant and therefore not entitled to receive it. Government servants are not permitted to float NGOs without due permission. $80,000 was equivalent to Kejriwal’s 20-years salary at that point of time. He therefore not only indulged in corruption but was also disloyal to his service and nation. It is the same Kejriwal who accuses other bureaucrats of being corrupt.

This Chief Minister Kejriwal has no respect for social and national institutions. His humility is tailored only for vote-banks. Otherwise he does not hesitate to sully the police and the bureaucrats, who too are associated with law and order and governance, irrespective of their chain of command. In case of any crime, the Delhiites have to depend on the same police and not New York police. Mr Kejriwal while addressing the auto-rickshaw drivers narrated that his daughter went for driving license, and the officer shooed her away on the pretext of some missing document, and then when he realised that she is the CM’s daughter, issued her license without demur. Then Kejriwal went on to say that the officer could not ask for bribe as he must have prayed to God that day. This is nothing but filth. Kejriwal displayed the same dirty side when he swore on his children and did exactly the opposite for political benefit. If Kejriwal’s daughter has the sting operation, which her father has taught to specialize in, with regards to the officer shooing her away, it should be made public. It will never be , lies have limitations. Is this how a Chief Minister treats his state police? Are these traits of a leader or subverted activist?

Kejriwal’s deputy, Manish Sisodia sent two names to the Lt Governor for consideration for post of acting chief secretary for a period of 10 days. Based on the premise that of the two, Shakuntala Gamlin was the senior, the Lt Governor recommended her name. While including her name Manish Sisodia never mentioned that Shakuntala Gamlin’s integrity was doubtful. Once the Lt Governor chose her, Kejriwal and Sisodia, as if waiting for the bait to be bitten, attacked.  Subsequently, they called her corrupt and accused her for working in the interest of certain corporates. Wonder, why Kejriwal, who specialises in sting operations did not expose her earlier!

As planned, the Kejriwal-Sisodia duo, who have the unsavory past of working together for foreign funded NGOs, enlarged the fight. Several other bureaucrats were turned into corrupt commodities by the duo. They then sought an appointment with the President. What they have not revealed to the people is the dressing down that they would have got in the meeting. Not to be chastened, as their agenda is to create a ‘Constitutional Crisis’, they castigated the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is not the first time that Kejriwal and gang have tried to plunge the nation into this sort of crisis.naseeb jung

Remember the third week of January 2014 in run-up to the Republic Day celebrations. Kejriwal then shifted his dharna venue from Jantar Mantar to the nerve center near India Gate. The dharna drama with all amenities, i.e. blankets, mattresses, tea and home cooked food, finally dispersed when the President and the Army Chief intervened with the government. During this dharna, Kejriwal who was the Chief Minister displayed fits of megalomania when he went to abusive lengths to say main nirnaya karunga ki Shinde kahan baithega (I will decide where will the Home Minister of India Sushil Kumar Shinde will run his office from). He invited lakhs of people to take over the arena and even abused the very notion of Republic Day Parade. This was nothing but an attempt to create ‘Constitutional Crisis’ so that Kejriwal could get the necessary traction and publicity to take on Modi at Varanasi.

This is what Kejriwal was instructed to do by the foreign powers that were funding his ascendance to neutralise Modi. It may be mentioned that as per the PTI on February 7, 2014, Kejriwal met German President Joachim Gauck and discussed issues ranging from Jan Lokpal and AAP’s plan for the Lok Sabha Elections 2014.  During the same period, he also met the High Commissioner of Britain to India James Bevan.

Some 23 foreign funded NGOs descended on Varanasi to strategise Kejriwal’s elections.  These included Vidya Ashram, Sajha Sanskriti Manch, Sarvodaya Andolan, Lokavidya Jan Andolan, People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights, Bharatiya Kisan Union, Gandhian Institute of Studies, and All India People’s Solidarity Organisation.  During the same period, a number of journalists known to be running extortion outfits joined Kejriwal’s political party. The assets of these so-called journalists can be gleaned from their declarations. Security experts are, indeed, getting increasingly perturbed over Kejriwal’s growing base in Punjab. In the last elections, AAP did well in the state. Is it due to the foreign-funded and ISI-guided separatist Khalistanis collusion with Kejriwal? Only time will tell.

The same foreign benefactors now want Kejriwal to assume a larger countrywide role. It is for this reason that he chose a Deputy Chief Minister, so as to make himself available at national level. It is for this reason that he is pushing for a ‘Constitutional Crisis’. It is for this reason the chose Delhi as his political center of gravity, given the capital amplification effect in terms of message and media. Before Kejriwal made his entry, did the media ever telecast proceedings of Delhi Assembly?

The standoff is contrived, and therefore not given to amicable solutions. Kejriwal is preparing now to strike at national level. He is under tremendous pressure from the NGOs, some of which have been recently banned. This is also been done to coincide with the completion of one year of Modi Government. Complicit with Kejriwal is not the Congress Party, but the top functionary certainly is. So has always been the case. It was during the Anna (Kejriwal) agitation that this functionary slipped out of the country, and the agitation continued for as long as it took to disperse black money abroad.

This author has been aghast at the comments and observation of some the legal luminaries, who are known to be on the other side of the line as far as the current political dispensation is concerned. Their fulminations against the government smacked of bias and subversion of Constitution. Anybody with a modicum of understanding of the Constitution knows that when the MHA issues a notification, it is on behalf of the President, for which no approval is required. However, this legal luminary, who was sweating to become a Supreme Court Judge, commented that probably the President has not been consulted about the notification on posting and transfer of Delhi government officials. Thank God that India still has a sound check-and-balance procedure in respect of appointment of Supreme Court Judges.

Manish Sisodia and Kejriwal are now saying that there exists a ‘transfer-cum-posting industry’ in the capital, with the insinuation that it runs under the patronage of Central Government.

Look at the travesty. Consider Kejriwal’s shamelessness. Kejriwal never served outside Delhi during his entire service, thus depriving Delhi posting to many of his colleagues. In fact, Sonia Gandhi had written to the government that Kejriwal should not be posted outside Delhi. Kejriwal’s wife, who is also an IRS Officer has generally been posted in and around Delhi. So Kejriwal and his wife know very-well about the running of the ‘transfer-cum-posting industry’.

Kejriwal took study leave at government cost and only repaid it only after he found his political career at stake. He then bluffed the nation in saying that he raised the money through loans from friends. He did not mention then that his dutiful wife was an Officer in the IRS drawing a salary of nearly 1.5 lac per month. He continued to absent himself from duty even as his pre-mature retirement application was pending.

Kejriwal while in service was hobnobbing with foreign entities. He travelled abroad several times during his so-called study-leave. He was beneficiary of inexplicable foreign funding. Why should any foreign country be interested in funding Right to Information (RTI) activism in India? Foreign funded activism through NGOs and think-tanks have destroyed so many countries. Kejriwal is yet to explain that what was Shimrit Lee, an American activist in garb of an academic researcher doing in his NGO Kabir? This was in run-up to Anna agitation. Ostensibly and notoriously, her so-called research was on Public Power: India and Other Democracies. It is another matter that Kejriwal and his benefactors abroad have absolutely no qualms about transparency and accountability in the Western countries.

Clinton can get away with anything in his own country, but becomes an angel in India. The current impasse, therefore, is not simply political in nature. It is a deliberate attempt to create a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ to destabilize India.

By RSN Singh

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