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Kat’s Chinese Sojourn

Updated: July 14, 2015 10:55 am

Katrina Kaif is going places. The actress has signed her first international film, co-starring Jackie Chan. The film is titled Kung Fu Yoga. The action-adventure will be directed by Hong Kong based filmmaker Stanley Tong. He had earlier helmed the Jackie Chan classic, Rumble in the Bronx. Katrina was born in Hong Kong. The 31-year-old actress will play an Indian professor at a Chinese university. Chan plays a Chinese archaeologist who enlists her help to unearth treasures from the Magadha era. The two set out on a treasure hunt, which begins in the dynasty of King Bimbisara. He ruled the Magadh empire from around 542 BC to 492 BC. He was known for his cultural achievements and was a great friend and protector of Gautam Buddha. The professor and the archaeologist will travel back in time and interact with the royals.

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