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Kashmiri Students at hillocks of Chittorgarh : Those who were learning how to run the gun, now learning in high-tech labs

By Deepak Kumar Rath from Udaipur
Updated: December 8, 2021 12:50 pm

Sometimes, I feel enlightened to meet young, bright students, who are really energetic to do something for the nation. When talented students get the right opportunities in an atmosphere of peace and prosperity, then end results bring bright colours for the society. Here, I am mentioning the right atmosphere, because I am going to elaborate my own interactions with some students, who are grown up with the sounds of guns, who have lived their childhood in an atmosphere of darkness, and who are more exposed to the world of terrorism. Negative thinking, unwanted behaviour and hatred in life are given to them forcefully in a land of opportunities.  The land they live in is like heaven. Colourful roses, red apples, and green hills of their villages are the best in the world. But their schools and colleges are not meant for academics but for learning the lessons on how to hate, enter into the world of insecurity and follow the path of destroying communal harmony.

Now it must be clear that I am talking about the young bright students of Kashmir, who are desperate to live a life having facilities for proper education and then a decent job for a meaningful life. But unfortunately, for such students of Kashmir, the temples of learning are used for spreading terrorism. One girl student Mehreen Yaqoob asked me: “What is my fault? My family is not capable of providing me with education. We are grown up in very poor hapless conditions. It’s a great blessing of God that somehow I could get an opportunity through my brother to get connections and land up at Mewar University, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.”

She is a student of BBA. And I could not stop myself from asking her a number of questions. I could find that not only she alone but many more girl students and boys have somehow managed to get opportunities at Mewar University and are studying different streams. I requested the brain behind the institution Dr. Ashok Gadiya to provide me an opportunity of interacting with students from Kashmir and listen to their versions. I mindfully listened to one and all. Their versions were really heart-wrenching to know, how thousands of students from Kashmir are not getting opportunities to avail education, for one reason or the other.

Anxiously, I asked Dr. Gadiya how Mewar University can afford 500 students now. The story is really heartening and I could find that the Indian Army is the sponsor and the amount is too little to meet the expense of the students. Salute to the Mewar University, which is taking a lead role in lending a helping hand to the Kashmiri students. The students there are getting enormous opportunities—state-of-the-art infrastructure and best faculty, resulting in good campus recruitments.

There is a mushrooming growth of private universities in India, but amongst them, there are a few self-financing universities like the Mewar, which focuses on giving opportunities to the economically backward sections from Kashmir. I also came to know that Mewar University is also picking students from the far-off north-eastern region and from Naxal-affected regions of Chhattisgarh. Dr. Ashok Gadiya, who is grown up in an utmost poor farmer family from Chittorgarh, is doing miracles in spreading education for the poor and downtrodden sections. A chartered account by profession, Dr. Ashok Gadiya is deeply involved in providing the best opportunities to the poor students with his minimum funds to spend.

Mewar University has got a band of jewels, who are teaching at the campus. I learned that earlier Union HRD Ministry had sponsored 5,000 students from Kashmir, but now it is stopped. However, when there is a will, there is always a way. So, Dr. Gadiya could not stop his mission and tried his best for providing ample facilities to the poor students. In the land of great patriot Maharana Pratap, Dr. Ashok Gadiya has a hidden mission of providing ample facilities to needy students. Against this backdrop, it is apt to mention that it is high time entrepreneurs like Dr. Ashok Gadiya  came forward to support the students from Kashmir, the North-East, and the Naxal-affected areas for providing higher education.


By Deepak Kumar Rath from Udaipur

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