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Karnataka: Son arrested red-handed taking 40 lakh bribe, 8 crores recovered from BJP MLA’s hideout

Updated: March 3, 2023 1:44 pm

The anti-corruption branch of the Lokayukta had yesterday arrested Prashant Madal, son of BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa, while accepting a bribe of Rs 40 lakh. Over Rs 1.7 crore in cash was also recovered from his office. Karnataka Lokayukta informed that Prashant Madal is the Chief Accountant in BWSSB. Today Lokayukta officials raided the residence of Prashant Madal in Bengaluru. From where about Rs 6 crore cash has been recovered and the search is still going on. In this case, along with the main accused Prashant, 5 people have been taken into custody so far. BJP MLA Virupakshappa has also been made an accused in the case. Lokayukta says that the MLA is currently absconding and his search is on.

In fact, after nabbing BJP MLA’s son red-handed taking a bribe of Rs 40 lakh yesterday, Lokayukta officials have so far recovered Rs 7.62 crore in cash from his and his associates’ houses while continuing the raids. Sources confirmed this on Friday. The raid is also going on at the MLA’s residence. The Lokayukta team found the cash at the residence and office of Prashant, son of BJP MLA Madal Virupakshappa, who works as the chief accountant of the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).

It is noteworthy that after raiding the office of BJP MLA Virupakshappa yesterday, a team of Lokayukta officers caught the MLA’s son and a government official Prashant on charges of taking a bribe of Rs 40 lakh. During the investigation in the office, apart from Rs 40 lakh, Rs 1 crore 22 lakh cash was also recovered. According to the investigating officer, it is clear that Rs 1 crore 62 lakh found in the office is bribe money. Accused Prashant is being questioned about the source of income of Rs 6 crore cash and jewelry found at his residence. Lokayukta sources said Prashant’s brother-in-law Siddhesh, accountants Surendra and Nicholas and two others, who came to hand over Rs 40 lakh in cash, have been arrested.

At the same time, the statement of Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai has also come out on this matter. CM Bommai said, “Now everything is in front of the Lokayukta, let there be an independent and fair investigation from their side. Whose money is it for whom, let all these things come to the fore. The truth needs to come out, that’s why we have appointed the Lokayukta. Whatever Congress leaders are saying, but first ask themselves why ACB was shut down to save many of their ministers and MLAs who were caught in corruption charges. Why was ACB shut down for 5 years. Now Lokayukta is probing. It is happening, their scams will also come to the fore, let everything be investigated, we are with the truth, whoever is at fault will be punished.”

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