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Karnataka: Saved from a Bloodbath

By S. A. Hemanth FROM Bengaluru
Updated: January 23, 2020 12:06 pm

Plot to kill Bangalore South BJP MP Tejasvi Surya and  Hindu activist Chakravarthi Soolibele unearthed


As a part of its myopic, vote-bank politics and dangerous policy of minority appeasement, which it has been practising since several decades, the Congress government in Karnataka headed by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah during 2014-15, withdrew cases that were filed against hundreds of workers of Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI) which is the political arm of the infamous Popular Front of India (PFI), which, in turn is the wing of the notorious Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

The justification and defence given by Siddaramaiah was that “these innocent boys belonging to Muslim minority were needlessly and unnecessarily hounded by the erstwhile communal BJP government and hence the Congress found it necessary to withdraw the cases” Starting then, the three coastal districts of Karnataka – Mangalore, Udupi and Karwar – saw as many as 24 Hindu youths butchered to death in cold blood by PFI workers.

Today, the result of that dangerous decision of the Congress government is there for all to see – six (6) SDPI workers were arrested by the Bangalore City Police for plotting to kill Bangalore South BJP MP Tejasvi Surya and Hindu activist Chakravrthy Soolibele, which has sent shock waves in the silicon city in particular and entire Karnataka in general. “The sinister design was to engineer Hindu-Muslim clash in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka by killing these two popular Hindu leaders. We have been able to prevent this,” a beaming Bangalore City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao said, heaving a sigh of relief.

In fact, the SDPI had also master-minded the killing of sitting Congress MLA and former minister Tanveer Sait in Mysore when a SDPI worker stabbed Sait and tried to run away in a public function.

With the arrest of six (6) activists of SDPI from different parts of Bangalore, the peripheral ring which was entrusted the task of eliminating Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarthi Soolibele is busted but the core group which master-minded the plot and funded the entire episode still remain at large. “We are confident of catching them also. It is a matter of time,” Bhaskar Rao said, while chatting with Uday India.

Those elements which were providing intellectual support and making logistical arrangements to the Jehadi forces, – especially the pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-secular voices – on one pretext or the other are now morally bound to make their stance clear vis-a-vis Islamic terrorism with the plot to kill Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarthi Soolibele by the SDPI, coming to light. “The peripheral ring consisting of those elements which were entrusted the task of eliminating the two Hindu leaders has been busted. But the Core Group which master-minded and funded the plot are at large. We are confident of getting them also,” Bhaskar Rao said, while speaking to Uday India.

The Police could zero on the potential-killers with the arrest of two SDPI workers who were involved in the stabbing of a Hindu youth, Varun, who was returning home after attending pro-CAA rally at Town Hall in Bangalore. Varun, a resident of J.P. Nagar, was stabbed near Bamboo Bazaar in Kalasipalyam area who was rushed to a nearby hospital after the passers-by saw him laying the pool of blood.

The police scanned as many as thousand CCTVs and found that two youths in a two-wheeler were seen removing their shirts and trousers and burning on the side of the road. After intense scanning of the nearby CCTVs and with the help of mechanics to identify the two-wheeler, the Police caught two youths who admitted of having stabbed Varun with an intention to kill him “for taking part in the pro-CAA rally”

Earlier to these arrests, the Internal Security Division (ISD) of Karnataka Police had arrested three Muslim youths from the minority-dominated Gurappanapalya, following a tip-off from the Q Branch of Tamil Nadu police. That was a day prior to the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangalore and Tumkur where he addressed four events, including the Indian Science Congress and farmers convention at Tumkur.

The dangerous dimension to the entire plot is the nexus of the PFI/SDPI with the Al-Umma which has managed to have a reasonably strong base in the neighbouring Tamil Nadu. The Q branch of TN Police, which was on hot pursuit of the killer of a Police Sub Inspector in Kanyakumari, managed to arrest him in Udupi, the coastal-temple town in Karnataka, immediately after the arrest of these six SDPI activists.

But what proved to be the much-needed cutting edge to unearth this entire dangerous plot is the arrest of three youths in and around Mangalore by the CID-SIT headed by CID DGP Praveen Sood and his team. These three youths were involved in the Kashmir-type attack on the Police, throwing petrol bombs and pelting stones during the anti-CAA violent agitation, near the minority-dominated Bunder Police Station area. These three youths, all in their mid-20s, spilled the beans of their nexus with “elements across the border towards neighbouring states” that made the Karnataka police to be on the toes.

The quantum of scanning of CCTVs and mobile phones besides monitoring the towers is mind-boggling. Sources told Uday India that as many 1781 CCTVs in various parts of the state and more than one 35,000 mobiles was subjected to tests in order to zero in on the culprits.

What has worried the police and the intelligence agencies is the fact that the anti-CAA agitation has been hijacked by the elements having terror instinct like the PFI and SDPI because of which Mangalore witnessed unprecedented violence that led to police firing in which two youths were killed.

“Anti-CAA protest demonstrations were witnessed in Gulbarga, Hubli, Bellary and Bangalore also apart from Mangalore. Thousands of Muslims took part in these demonstrations but why only Mangalore saw violence. It is because of that the agitation was infiltrated by PFI elements. They have developed this habit of Kashmir-type attacks on police, masking them with mufflers and throwing petrol bombs. This is very alarming,” BJP general secretary Shobha Karandlaje said.

Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa complimented the Bangalore City Police and said, “The government will not interfere in the functioning of the police. Let the force do its job. I am happy that a dangerous plot has been unearthed and a major disaster has been averted”. Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai too echoed similar opinion and added, “The investigation will go on. There is no question of relaxing. We need to uproot such elements who are out to foment trouble. I will work shoulder to shoulder with the police.”

Going by the extent of the  roots and spread taken by the jehadi elements, it looks like that the hands of the police is full and there is no time or scope to rest. And it means that Karnataka will continue to remain on the edge, hoping that no untoward incident happens anywhere in the state.


By S. A. Hemanth From Bengaluru

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