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KALYAN SINGH End of an Era

By Dr Krishna Chandra Sahu
Updated: September 2, 2021 2:08 pm

Kalyan Singh is no more now. Breathed his last on 21st Aug 2021 in Lucknow.But his work and ideas will never die. A tiger himself, had the courage of taking role and responsibilities on his own shoulder for all the misadventures resorted by Karsevaks on 6th December 1992. Entire country was agitated with both exultation in one world and anguish on the other side. He stood tall and declared in front of a hostile media that, he himself was solely responsible for what ever had happened on that fateful day in Ayodhya, neither the Karsevaks, nor the officials like police or beaurocrats. An act, admission and acceptance, which is rare in the mudslinging present day politics.

“I will not shoot bullets” he chanted thrice in front of the national and international media and informed the same to the then Union Home minister candidly. Took full responsibilities. What a brave statement! He was dismissed unconstitutionally by the then union Government. But he was not regretful then nor afterwards. Rarely people can kick their chair for a national cause. He was the king of people’s heart, a lion of the masses with steely nerve.

I am lucky enough to be associated with the Ram Janma Bhoomi movements since Unlocking the doors and through Shilapujan, Ramjyoti, Demolition of the disputed structure, dismissal of four state Govornments, Arrest of BJP President and other RSS Sar Sangha Chalak, Verdict of Allahabad High court, Supreme Court decision and of late Shilanyas by hounrable PM Narendra Modi. I have not seen such a straight, simple, truthful, and mass leader like Kalyan Singh, who never hesitate to call a spade a spade.

He left BJP and came back too. His emotional statement that, I will like to die with BJP flag wrapped on my body, a bold statement whose love for his party, public and poor was well displayed.

His statements and speeches were keenly awaited and watched by the press nationally and globally. His voice was so encouraging to crores of Rambhaktas throughout the world that he was in the heart of the youth of the nation. He suggested the Muslim community to forget Janmasthan and in turn he would build a gigantic mosque on the other side of Sarayu river. Though he meant it for a peaceful and amicable solution of the issue but people from other side rejected his pleas. Later on Honourable Supreme court on its verdict directed the same formula in a unanimous voice. The nerve of the total movement was on his fingertips and he had well measured the pulse of the communities then. A quarter century later, the same formula was the key to settle the centuries old issue forever.

A son of a common man, Kalyan Singh was a teacher before he jumped into an ocean called RSS and got groomed in its ideology and activities and dedicated himself to the cause of the Rashtra and Rastriyata (Nation and Nationalism). In RSS he gradually rose step by step in the hierarchy before joining Politics. In politics too he came up gradually till the chief minister’s chair, which is rare in dynasty based political parties unlike a cadre based party like BJP.

He spent around 2 years in Jail during the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975. After returning from Jail he worked more vigorously for the party and the nation. The massacre of Karsevaks in Ayodhya by Mulayam Singh, diverted people’s attention towards Kalyan Singh to lead the caste, criminal and religion affected Uttar Pradesh. A year later BJP won Uttar Pradesh with Kalyan Singh as the chief minister. He administered well in UP on various parameters like good education, able and effective administration, peace, harmony and social justice. He was also architect of BSP and BJP coalition before Mayavati ditched BJP and caused her own downfall. Though for two years he was out of BJP, but later returned to its fold like a child coming back to mother’s lap and mother lovingly embracing the child. Till his last breath, he was in BJP like a soldier and statesman.

Ram-janma Bhoomi movement owes a lot to him including Lal Krishna Advani, Late Ashok Singhal, Late Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindhia, Uma Bharati, Shadwi Ritumbara, Binay Katiyaar and off course Sri P V Narasimha Rao, who have overtly or covertly helped in this national yagna. Today if Hindutva ideology is vibrant and visible, the credit goes to Kalyan Singh and Lal Krishna Advani equally.

He will continue to be in the heart and soul of a billion Hindus worldwide as “Hindu Hridaya Samrat”. His death has caused an irreparable loss to Hinduism and selfless politics in the country. A desh bhakta (patriot), lok kalyan kari neta ( benovelent leader), Daksha prasashak (an able administrators), a rashtra nitigna (a statesman) – All in one was Kalyan Singh. Lord Ram bless the departed soul. This is the prayer of billion Hindus of the world.

By Dr Krishna Chandra Sahu

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