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Kalamegh or Kalmegh is known as Bhu Nimba in Sanskrit and Sucerits Chirats in Latin. This plant grows half meter to one meter above the ground. It grows anywhere on ground or on mountainsand bears white flowers and a kind of beans that split after ripening. It is black in colour and tastes very bitter. Owing to its bitterness, it is known as Bhu Nimba means Neem that grows close to the soil.

You will be surprised to know the amazing health benefits of this plant. This plant is widely found in Southern India and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries in these parts. This herb is best associated with dengue fever. It can treat and prevent Dengue fever very effectively. Doctors here advised to use Kalmegh for Dengue treatment.  People in other parts of India are also growing this plant after the Dengue campaign.

Remedies with Kalmegh


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  • Any preparation with this herb is very bitter but it really does wonders.
  • Low appetite in children can be treated with Kalmegh.  Cook Kalmegh leaves in water till it thickens and add jaggery.  After cooling make small pills and give this to children in stomach and liver related problems.
  • 10g of Kalmegh, 10 g of Kadira bark and 10g of raw turmeric boil all these in 250ml of water till it is reduced to half and then filter and take half in the morning and the other half in the evening.  This help purifies the blood and protects from skin diseases.
  • Kalmegh 3gms and Amla 2gms soak in a glass of water over night and after filter drink this water in the morning. It removes toxins from the blood and help treat skin diseases.
  • Soak 20g. of Kalmegh in 2 litres of water for 6 hours. Filter the water and take about 50g.  twice a day with a spoonful of honey or misri.   This will give you strength and relief from indigestion after recovering from fever owing to its Anti-fungal property.
  • 10g dry ginger and 10g Kalmegh crush and boil in one glass of water till it is reduced to half. Add misri to the filtered solution and drink twice daily. This will give relief from congestion and asthmatic.  problems.


Andrographis paniculataplant copy copyIt is beneficial in treating liver problems, fevers, worms, allergies, abdominal gas and constipation.  Kalmegh leaves, stem and sometimes whole plant is used in treatment.  It is known as sarva roga nivarini. Cure for all diseases.

Works well for all kinds viral fevers.  Its anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties works effectively on herpes, and viral fevers  like chikungunya and malaria. As these fevers effects liver, Kalmegh protects liver and helps in faster recovery including jaundice.Because of the bitterness it works wonders for diabetic patients. Research is still going on to know its effect on AIDS, cancers etc.

A number of Ayurvedic medicines are prepared with Kalmegh. Earlier people used to keep Kalmegh powder at home ready to use for common cold, cough and fever. Around the year 1918 there spread viral fever all over the world and many people died due to it.  In India too, many people died. Every village used Kalmegh and the epidemic was controlled. Kalmegh can also ward off mosquitoes and snakes.  So, isn’t it a wonderful plant to have in your house?  Identify this plant with its unique leaves, flowers and fruit capsules.

 by Nibhanapudi Suguna

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