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Bauhinia Variegata or Kachnar buds and flowers are incredibly delicate and beautiful. These trees are grown throughout India for their nutritional value and innumerable health benefits. These buds and flowers are cooked with spices to bring out a delicious dish.  A number minerals, vitamins and protein make Bauhinia a highly nutritional ingredient.

The tree is grown for decorative as well as medicinal purpose. Bauhinia tree bears attractive flowers in different shades like purple, rose, white and red. White and red bauhinia variegate contain the most medicinal benefits. The bark of this tree contains tannin, sugar and brown colour gummy fluid.  This bark contains many medicinal benefits.  It can clear ulcers, wounds and protects skin from infection.  It controls obesity and urinary tract infections. Bauhinia Variegata controls the tumours and possess cancer preventing properties. It also helps to control lymphatic swelling.

The medicinal value of Yellow Bauhinia variegate:

Fruits of this tree help cure TB, Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma and various blood infections.

Mouth ulcers:  The yellow colour flower is a sure shot cure for mouth ulcers.  Take the bark of the tree, crush it to small pieces and boil it in water till you get the solution for about ten minutes.  Let it cool and then keep rinsing your mouth with this water two or three times a day. Let the water be little warm. This reduces the ulcers in the mouth.

Diarrhea: Make powder of the fruits (after drying) and store in a bottle. Add two tea spoons of the powder to water and drink at least two to three times a day.  This will definitely stop loose motions and diarrhea. Otherwise you can take the bark powder too twice daily.

For watery motions: Eat Bauhinia flowers after cooking them in water.  This will definitely stop the watery motions.


Motions due to indigestion: Sometimes one suffers from motions because of indigestion too. In such a situation add 5g Bauhinia leaves powder in water and drink it.  After this drink two spoons of fennel (Saunf) seed solution. Or else you can take 10g of flower buds, boil them in water, filter and drink it. These flowers can strengthen the digestive system.

Burning sensation in urine: Bark 10g, Coriander seeds boil in 250ml water decant add mishri and drink.

Tumours in Liver:  It has wonderful properties to reduce tumours in the body.  Growth of tumours in liver can be controlled by taking the bark powder 10 to 15g and making solution by adding boiling water. Filter, consume it warm.

Jaundice: Leaves juice extract can be taken twice adults 50ml and children 10 to 15 ml.  This improves liver function and helps in curing liver enlargement.

Weakness:  Powder of dry Bauhinia flowers taken with water or milk gives strength and energy to the body.

Worms in intestines: Take 20g of the tree bark add it to 400ml of water and boil till it is reduced to 1/3  of solution and then drink it to get free of intestinal worms.

It has the ability to heal intestinal ulcers by decreasing the output of gastric acids.

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By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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