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JNU becoming a blot on Nehru’s name

Updated: September 8, 2016 12:21 pm

Once a premier educational institution and Mecca of the studious kind of Leftists, JNU is increasingly being known for anti-India activities, sexual harassment, rapes even. The reason is simply proliferation of ‘students’ who just live on for years. They can’t get comfortable rooms at any cheaper rate anywhere or food for that matter. These elders treat juniors as their vassals. It is these ‘students’ who are primarily involved in nefarious activities.

The biggest notoriety that dropped number of new admissions by about 45000 was an event in February last year to observe the anniversary of the death (hanging) of Afzal Guru. During the function, anti-India slogans and threatening speeches were made—like Hindustan ke tukde tukde karenge.

That evening’s proceedings were so seditious that in a case before her, the Delhi Sessions Judge, Pratiba Rani observed, ‘the thoughts reflected in slogans raised cannot be claimed to be protected under fundamental right to freedom of speech…

She went on to say if some get ‘infected by what transpired at that February function then if it is incurable it may require surgical intervention that is amputation……’

These strong words reflect the universal revulsion with the anti -India feelings and activities in JNU. This revulsion will deepen when it comes out in public that comrades in the JNU are not that much of a comrade with females.

Students registered 35 complaints of sexual harassment over a period of four years. These included mental/physical harassment, stalking, calls and physical assaults.

We know Nehru/Gandhi dynasty members are fond of everything be named after their family members, but JNU has been disgraced enough and even considered to be centre of anti-India activities, then that’s the limit. Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the greatest patriots. Shouldn’t Sonia and Rahul clamour for getting him disassociated from JNU.

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